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Whirlwind MS-6-M-NR Mini Audio Snake
Whirlwind MS-6-M-NR Mini Audio Snake

Whirlwind MS-6-M-NR Mini Audio Snake

SoundPro Item: 48702
MPN: MS-6-M-NR-025

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The Whirlwind MS-6-M-NR Mini Audio Snake comes with 6 inputs and no returns and is available in different lengths. Made in their Rochester, NY factory, Whirlwind's Medusa Series Snakes have been the touring standard worldwide for decades.

Whirlwind MS-6-M-NR Features

  • Heavy duty powder coated steel stagebox with Whirlwind connectors and integrated handle
  • Whirlwind by Belden NEC CM rated multipair cable, heavy duty, flexible, multipair cable. Each pair contains two twisted 24GA 7x32 polyethylene insulated conductors with 100% foil shield and 24GA drain wire
  • Fanouts with multiple layers of rugged heat shrink at the most critical points
  • Fanouts feature Whirlwind connectors with engraved numbers and letters
  • Genuine Kellems® wire mesh hanger to support the fanout at the board
  • Genuine Kellems® strain relief and grip with internal cable clamp
  • MS-6-M-NR mini audio snake1
  • Inputs6
  • Returns0

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