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Williams AV DWS TGS 11 400 RCH Rechargeable Digi-Wave Tour Guide System
Williams AV DWS TGS 11 400 RCH Digi-Wave Tour Guide System

Williams AV DWS TGS 11 400 RCH Digi-Wave Tour Guide System

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SoundPro Item: 91330
MSRP: $4,905.00
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This Digi-Wave 400 Series Tour Guide System is for one guide and up to 11 listeners.

The transceiver in the system is DLT 400 from the Digi-Wave™ system. It is a digital spread-spectrum (DSS), simultaneous two-way wireless listening system. Using a frequency-hopping algorithm, it avoids interference and is a very secure method of communication. The Digi-Wave communication system allows users to listen and talk to one another wirelessly in a variety of scenarios. The receiver is rechargeable using the included charging bay.

A headset microphone and earphones are for use by the speaker and listeners. Headset microphone MIC 144 has a TRRS 3.5 mm plug and is for use with Digi-Wave DLT 400 transceiver only. The earphone hangs on the outside of the ear, excellent for use from one person to the next. This earphone is specifically designed for listeners with mild and low gain hearing loss.

System Includes

  • DLT 400 transceiver
  • 11x DLR 400 RCH receiver
  • MIC 144 headset microphone
  • 11x EAR 022 surround earphone
  • CHG 412 PRO 12-bay charger in carry case
  • CCS 061 GR grey silicone skin

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