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Yamaha CP1 88-Key Stage Piano


Experience the feel of playing a traditional piano with the advantages of digital keyboard technology in the Yamaha CP1. This piano can hold its own to be heard through a full band onstage, while being nuanced enough for an intimate club. Special Mono Piano sound and compression effect makes all piano voices authentic and expressive. Graded hammer effect action provides the same feel as an acoustic piano. Yamaha’s CP1 stage piano is a great option for recording in studio or performing on stage.

Spectral Component Modeling tone generator in this keyboard provides the advantages of sampling and modeling. CP1 tones are generated from four blocks (piano, modulation-effect, power-amp/compressor, reverb) that create a sound signal that passes through a master EQ. This sound process is very similar to miking an acoustic piano and sounds very natural.

Grand piano sounds are warm, feeling as if they are being absorbed into the air instead of piercing it. This warmth blends harmoniously among other instruments on stage with enough clarity and volume that it won’t be drowned out by the band. Tones from two acoustic pianos give you an option in traditional sound, and tones from three electric pianos in the 1970s add a vintage digital piano feel. A total of 17 instruments were sampled to create the many tones offered in the CP1.

Sounds from the sampled instruments can be tailored with 3 band EQ, reverb amount, hammer intensity and type of hammer. Balance different ends of the piano’s register for personal preference with 3 band EQ. Create the sound of different rooms without moving the keyboard from reverb control. Graded hammer effect (GHE) brings an authentic resistance to the keys that increases in the lower register, just as with an acoustic piano. Customizations for hammer intensity and type change hammer sound without altering the familiar feel of the keys.

Piano Features

  • Wooden synthetic ivory weighted keyboard with 88 keys
  • Spectral component modeling tone generating technology
  • Foot switch can be set to sustain, sostenuto, soft, assignable
  • Balanced and unbalanced line outs
  • 128 notes maximum polyphony
  • 5-band master equalizer
  • 8 types reverb
  • 17 piano block types
  • 10 modulation effect block types
  • 8 power-amplifier/compressor block types
  • Headphone jack

Piano Includes

  • Power cord
  • Pedal unit
  • Manual and booklets
  • Software DVD-ROM
  • Reviews

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