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Yamaha CP300 88-Key Stage Piano
[DISCONTINUED] Yamaha CP300 88-Key Stage Piano

[DISCONTINUED] Yamaha CP300 88-Key Stage Piano

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Experience the feel of playing a traditional piano with the advantages of digital keyboard technology in the Yamaha CP300. This piano can hold its own to be heard through a full band onstage, while being nuanced enough for an intimate club. Special Mono Piano sound and compression effect makes all piano voices authentic and expressive. Graded hammer effect action provides the same feel as an acoustic piano. Yamaha’s CP300 stage piano is a great option for recording in studio or performing on stage.

Digital piano sound in the CP300 realistically mimics an acoustic piano with advanced wave memory (AWM) dynamic stereo sampling. Digital technology is used to record the instrument sound and high-quality filter technology is applied to recorded audio samples. Samples are recorded at different levels of playing strength to create variance in the waveform of the sound exactly as happens with an acoustic piano.

Grand piano sounds are warm, feeling as if they are being absorbed into the air instead of piercing it. This warmth blends harmoniously among other instruments on stage with enough clarity and volume that it won’t be drowned out by the band. Two grand piano tones and a mono piano tone give you different options in traditional sound. Electric piano tones, organ, harpsichord, and other instruments are all available on the CP300 for a total of 50 original instrument sounds along with 12 drum kits and 480 XG sounds.

Sounds from the sampled instruments can be tailored with 3 band EQ, reverb amount, hammer intensity and type of hammer. Balance different ends of the piano’s register for personal preference with 3 band EQ. Create the sound of different rooms without moving the keyboard from reverb control. Graded hammer effect (GHE) brings an authentic resistance to the keys that increases in the lower register, just as with an acoustic piano. Customizations for hammer intensity and type change hammer sound without altering the familiar feel of the keys.

Piano Features

  • AWM dynamic stereo sampling tone generating technology
  • 88 keys with GH weighted action: heavier in the low end, lighter in the high end with excellent key stability
  • Built-in stereo speakers are perfect for practice or small gigs or serve as a monitor for larger gigs
  • 16-track song recorder/player lets you create full arrangements or play back songs
  • 2-part layer and 2-part split: have two voices in the right hand and two different voices in the left hand
  • Presets: 50 XG voices, 480 voices + 12 drum kits
  • Control sliders: master equalizer slider, zone control slider, song volume slider
  • Headphone jack
  • MIDI and USB capabilities
  • 16-track recording/playback, tempo adjustment

Piano Includes

  • Power cord
  • Foot switch
  • Manual and booklets

In The Box

Yamaha CP300 88-Key Stage Piano

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