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Zoom G11 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor
Zoom G11 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

Zoom G11 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

SoundPro Item: 58552
MPN: G11
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Zoom’s G11 takes tonal qualities from some of the most popular amps in history and combines them with new amp models to offer new tone palettes and take your creativity to another level. Distortion and Modulation effects bring a new option to the classic tones.

Achieve sound that is realistic and expressive: the G11 has 22 cabinet emulations of all modeling amps and includes 70 pre-loaded full impulse response (IR) data. Different microphones were used and repositioned in all sound capture, so you get a wide variety of cabinet sounds to choose from. You can also import up to 130 of your own IRs for extra customization.

Popular effects include Play by Patch, Play by Effect, and Play by Bank. Scroll through all your patches with Play by Patch, or see your full custom pedal chain with Play by Effect. Organizing and quick changes are easy with Play by Bank, which organizes your patches into song lists.

The G11 offers 68 rhythm patterns in different genres and time signatures. These rhythm patterns work perfectly with a 5-minute looper when you want to add a layer to your solo performance.

Though the G11 pedal offers an advanced level of performance, using it feels comfortably familiar from the stompbox control to the amp panel. The G11’s 5” color touchscreen is a great size for use, and menu controls and layout are user-friendly.

MIDI connectivity means you can add external mono and stereo effects, build parallel audio chains, and connect with other devices. The G11 can also be used as a full audio interface for Mac or PC. In this setup, you can record directly to your DAW via a USB connection.

Operate the G11 wirelessly using the Handy Guitar Lab app and the BTA-1 adaptor (sold separately). This provides access to more amps, effects, and artists patches from Guitar Lab software.

Zoom G11 Features

  • 22 cabinet emulations of all modeling amps, 70 pre-loaded full IR data
  • Room for up to 130 of your own IRs
  • 5" color touchscreen
  • Play by patch, play by effect, play by control functions
  • Layer solo performances with 5-minute looper
  • Add external mono and stereo effects, build parallel audio chains, and synchronize/trigger other devices via MIDI
  • Full-on audio interface to record directly to your favorite DAW via USB
  • Compatible with Handy Guitar Lab app
  • Original effects include Krampus, Redloom, Velvet, Muddy, 7 Heaven, Pollex
  • Ravor drive and wave shaper effects
  • Modulation effects include PolyShift, Geminos, SwellVibe
  • G11 multi-effects guitar processor1
  • AD-19 power adapter1
  • Max number of simultaneous effectsamplifier + 9 effects
  • User patches240
  • Sampling frequency44.1kHz
  • A/D conversion24-bit 128x oversampling
  • D/A conversion24-bit 128x oversampling
  • Signal processing32-bit
  • Frequency characteristics20Hz - 20kHz (+1 dB/−2 dB) (10kΩ load)
  • Displays5" TFT color LCD (800×480) Dot-matrix LCDs (128×32) (6)
  • Inputstandard mono phone jack
  • Input return2 standard mono phone jacks
  • Input aux instereo mini jack
  • Output left/rightstandard mono phone jack
  • Output phonesstandard stereo phone jack
  • Output send2 standard mono phone jacks
  • Input S/N123dB
  • MIDI in/out5-pin DIN jacks
  • Control inputFP02M input
  • USB device
    • Connector: USB 2.0 Type-C
    • Supported cable: Type-C cable
    • GuitarLab: USB1.1
    • Full SpeedAudio interface: USB 2.0 High Speed, 44.1kHz/32-bit 4in 4out
  • USB host
    • Connector: USB 2.0 Type-A
    • Standard: USB 2.0 High Speed
    • Use a USB thumb drive
  • RemoteZOOM BTA-1 or other dedicated wireless adapter
  • Dimensions (DxWxH)9.96x19.48x2.52"
  • Weight6.17 lbs (2.8 kg)

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