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DJ Turntables

The evolution of the turntable traces back to the beginning of audio recording itself. From phonographs to gramophones, to record players and their modern equivalent of turntables, this classic piece of audio gear is no longer just about recording sound—it’s developed into a musical instrument in its own right!

Go back to the heart of your craft by homing in on the “disc” in Disc Jockeying. Vinyl gives you a vintage sound and versatility like no digital media can, while giving you an analog, old-school option to scratch and mix your music in a way that closely connects your DJ style to the final product. The result is a deeply personal connection between you, your art, and your audience.

DJ turntables are designed specifically to take the physical punishment of intense performances without compromising on the quality of your mix. Direct drive turntables offer stability and reliability, while turntables that feature high torque extend your creative expressiveness.

From DJs ranging in skill from novice to seasoned pro to vinyl enthusiasts looking to perfect their listening experience, you can find the perfect turntable for your setup when you browse SoundPro’s top turntable brands including Audio-Technica, Numark, Pioneer DJ, and Reloop!