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Speaker Processors

For permanent sound setups of virtually every size and shape, speaker processors are a must. Also known by the more generic “audio processor,” a speaker processor is a central tool in controlling how all speakers perform throughout any given audio environment. This is particularly crucial in systems that have permanently installed speakers—the speaker processor gives you control of your gear, even if a speaker is embedded into the wall or ceiling and therefore difficult to manually adjust.

A speaker processor enables you to delay the arrival of sound from any speaker that’s connected to it. This allows you to sync audio so the disparate sound waves all hit your ear at the same time—even if the speakers themselves are placed at varying distances away. The result is a sound that is immediate and intimate, with staging and sound imaging that gives every performance a front-row sound no matter where you’re seated.

Speaker processors are ideal for incorporating into any sound system that includes more than one speaker. This includes stages, entertainment venues, houses of worship, school auditoriums, and businesses. Shop SoundPro’s selection of speaker processors. Our top brands include Ashly, AtlasIED, BSS, dbx, Symetrix, Yamaha, and many more!