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Mobile Microphones

Mobile Microphones

Capture awesome audio on the go with this collection of mobile microphones from Sound Productions. Characterized by portability and reliability, this wide assortment of compact, versatile miking options varies from classic road-ready handheld models to microphones that are specifically designed to attach to other equipment such as cameras or mobile devices.

These microphones are made for mobility. Get clear, accurate sound in your recordings or live broadcasts. Whether you’re a professional journalist, in the field, videographer, content creator, or hobbyist looking to enhance your home studio, mobile microphones are the tools you need to streamline your workflow and achieve versatile, yet quality, results—no matter your project.

Mobile microphones achieve the impossible: they help you prepare for spontaneity. Compact and lightweight, most models are extremely portable, so you always have the tools you need on hand to grab impromptu live or recorded audio. Find a mic that attaches to your camera—or, for an even more mobile-friendly option, your smartphone—so you can start live-streaming at once.

Check out SoundPro’s wide selection of top brands, including Rode Microphones, Saramonic, Shure, Zoom, and more!