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From full bands to soloists, musicians to spoken word performers, studio recording professionals to content creators at home—the specific projects might differ, but the goal is the same: to attain pristine, accurate audio that makes your project sound its best. That’s where Sound Productions comes in. With our wide range of microphones and miking accessories, SoundPro provides the tools you need to achieve audio you’ll love.

 For an all-purpose, heavy-duty microphone, look no further than a dynamic microphone. Equally outstanding in both the studio and live on stage, dynamic mics are an affordable, versatile, and classic option for nearly every miking application. Popular uses include live performances, studio recordings, field interviews, as well as podcasts that aim for a professional “radio voice” polish.

 Enabling you to achieve a natural, detailed sound from vocals and instruments, condenser microphones are characterized by increased sound sensitivity than dynamic mics and are louder, pick up a wider frequency response, and enjoy an expansive dynamic range—all aspects that make them ideal for studio recording. Condenser mics offer a wide variety of polar patterns, so you can customize what sounds the mic picks up.

 In addition to the popular dynamic and condenser style mics, SoundPro also offers other styles, such as boundary, gooseneck, lavalier, headworn, mobile, ribbon, shotgun, and USB models. Find the right mic for your needs by browsing our vast selection of top brands, including AKG, Audio-Technica, Audix, DPA Microphones, RØDE Microphones, Sennheiser, Shure, and many more!