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Wireless In-Ear Monitor Systems

Enjoy even more freedom with wireless in-ear monitor systems from Sound Productions. Wireless in-ear monitor (IEM) systems network bodypacks on-stage to a wireless receiver. Simply plug in a pair of monitoring earphones or headphones to the bodypack for private access to your personal mix.

When it comes to getting a great performance, hearing your sound is just as important as producing it. Monitoring gear allows you to hear your sound in real-time, so you can make precise adjustments where necessary and be confident that you sound your absolute best. Monitoring is a vital part of any audio performing artist, including musicians, vocalists, public speakers, and audio engineers—both for live sound and in the recording booth.

Wireless IEM is ideal for on-stage productions, with a free range of movement allowing the person on-stage to freely interact with the audience. It’s also a great choice for smaller studio environments where monitor speakers and cables, and other clutter needs to be kept to a minimum.

Go wireless with a comfortable, versatile IEM system from SoundPro. Top brands include Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, and Shure.