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Summing Mixers

Achieve analog warmth and streamline your audio workflow with summing mixers from Sound Productions. A summing mixer is a piece of outboard audio gear that combines individual signals to create a unified stereo track.

Summing mixers are ideal for podcasters, sound engineers, audio producers, and analog recording enthusiasts. They are used for audio production sub-mixing, grouping tracks, or speakers. Some are also equipped for compression, monitoring, analog-to-digital conversion, and more.

Because they are focused on specific functionalities, summing mixers can be a less expensive investment than a full mixing console. This “old-school” method of splicing signals together sends your tracks through physical hardware, which offers the benefit of resulting in a warm, classic analog sound that’s difficult to replicate in digital form. Meanwhile, summing mixers also offer a “hybrid” approach to audio mixing; originally used in analog mixing setups, they can still be used in modernized digital mixing recording to achieve the same nostalgic sound while the rest of your workflow is streamlined by digital gear.

Add color and personality to your sound when you browse SoundPro’s full collection of summing mixers. Our top brands include Radial, Rupert Neve, and Solid State.