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DJ Gear

DJ Gear

A disc jockey (DJ) is an artist who uses audio recordings to create new combinations of music. While some DJs make recordings of their mixes (or remixes), most of them are live performers that create impromptu music for an audience. Common gigs for DJs include weddings and other special events, as well as concerts and DJ-centric competitions.

Historically, disc jockeys were the original playlist queue: on the radio or at parties, they were tasked with manually changing the songs on record players. Over time, this developed into an art form all its own, with DJs beatmatching tracks, scratching on turntables, and transforming technical audio playing gear into musical instruments in their own right. Today, DJs are at the forefront of musical and technological innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of audio art.

DJing combines two passions: a love for music and a drive to energize the audience. At its core, it isn’t about the gear—it’s about what the gear allows you to do. Because of this, DJs rely on high-quality equipment that delivers personalization in a build that can take a pounding during hardcore performances.

From controllers to media players, mixers to the DJ staple turntable, as well as accessories to complete any setup, SoundPro’s extensive selection of DJ gear delivers the tools you need to elevate your art and create sounds that are uniquely yours.