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Ultimate Support MS-100R Professional Column Studio Monitor Stand, Red
Ultimate Support MS-100R Professional Column Studio Monitor Stand, Red

Ultimate Support MS-100R Professional Column Studio Monitor Stand, Red

SoundPro Item: 10027
MPN: MS-100R
MSRP: $509.99
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The MS Series studio reference monitor stands from Ultimate Support offer unparalleled innovation and strength for professional, project, and home studios alike. The MS-100 is a 38" tall monitor stand solution that provides surface decoupling via top mounted rubber decoupling pads and spiked, rubber covered feet. Three internal channels provide the option to pass cables through the base of the stand, while a larger internal channel allows you to add shot or sand for additional absorption and weight. The MS-100 series stands include MS-80 desktop stands, which provide a greater degree of vertical flexibility for positioning in your studio. The MS-100 is available in Red (MS-100R) and Black (MS-100B.)

Revision A versions of MS series monitor stands offer cross compatibility with other Revision A stands in the series. In the event that you eventually wish to add height to from your monitor stands, the included MS-80 stands in your MS-100 set are compatible with Revision A stands in the MS-90 series. Additionally, Revision A MS Series stands include a sunken groove in the top mounted monitor positioning holes which makes it easier to adjust the angle of their speakers and find the perfect sweet spot.

The Revision A versions of MS series stands can be clearly identified by their new blue and white packaging- so if you are purchasing in store or online, be sure and verify with your retailer that you are buying Revision A models.

Ultimate Support MS-100R Features

  • Easily adjust the angle and axis of your monitors
  • Sonic isolation and decoupling
  • Three internal channels for cable and weight management
  • MS-100R professional column studio monitor stand1
  • Capacity75 pounds
  • Column Height (spikes to top plate)36"
  • Column Height (foot caps to top plate)36.5"
  • Monitor Platform Height (with acoustic foam)2"
  • MS-80 Base Dimensions10.25" x 11.75"
  • Base Diameter19"
  • Weight12.4 pounds

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