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Bose ControlSpace CC-16 Zone Controller, White

Call for Info

The Bose® ControlSpace® CC-16 zone controller is an elegant wall-mounted device designed to provide end-user control of ControlSpace systems. Custom programming allows the CC-16 to control a variety of the system elements, from switching audio sources to selecting “scenes” or system configurations. The CC-16 features a bitmap LCD and four buttons for displaying and controlling the system settings.

The CC-16 connects to the ControlSpace Engineered Sound Processor (ESP-88) at the RS-485 port. Up to fifteen CC-16 units can be used per each ESP-88 to provide localized control of the system. The maximum distance from ESP-88 to CC-16 is 2000 feet. As a networked device, remote reprogramming is possible at any time.

Controller Features

  • 122 x 32 pixel backlit blue LCD
  • LCD displays volume level and source/scene/preset setting
  • Select up/down buttons for selecting sources or scenes
  • Volume up/down buttons for controlling one or more gain controls
  • IR receiver (for IR remote controls)
  • RS-485 network supports up to fifteen CC-16 units per ESP-88
  • DIP-switch for specifying network address and termination
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • UL and CE listed
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