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Beyerdynamic TG D71 Semi-Cardioid Boundary Microphone
Beyerdynamic TG D71 Semi-Cardioid Boundary Microphone

Beyerdynamic TG D71 Semi-Cardioid Boundary Microphone

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  • Beyerdynamic TG D71 Semi-Cardioid Boundary Microphone
MSRP: $349.00
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Simple positioning, an unparalleled lean and robust design and exceptional sound qualities turn the boundary microphone TG D71 into the consummate companion on stage, in rehearsal rooms or in home studios. The microphone takes sound quality to the next level when it is used on kick drums and cajóns. Well-considered features like the helpful status LED and the rubber underside enhance the microphone’s emphatic design. Its simple handling is also reflected in the sound itself: Painstaking fiddling with the equalizer becomes a thing of the past when the TG D71 is put to use.

The TG D71 is your ideal choice if you plan to record percussion instruments – high impulse fidelity, an extremely appealing attack and a maximum sound pressure level of 148 dB. The condenser microphone reaches the top of its game when it is used with everything from kick drums and cajóns to grand pianos.

The microphone’s lean, timeless design is both a technical and optical marvel. A red status LED glows when phantom power is used and indicates the microphone’s ready-to-speak status. The microphone comes with a bag that can be used to safely transport it wherever you go. Thanks to the rubberised underside, the boundary microphone always remains in the position that you want. An assembly fixture that can be used for extended or long-term installation is located on the underside.

The TG D71 is carefully handcrafted at beyerdynamic's headquarter in Heilbronn, Germany. We manufacture using only the finest mechanical and electronic components and rock solid materials.

To achieve that "unique" beyer sound, beyerdynamic has been developing and refining its Sound Channelling Technology (SCT) for decades. Our acoustic expercts have created acoustic labyrinths with special geometries that provide optimised sound channelling. They influence the sound and model the polar pattern by using precisely tuned delay lines and attenuation pads. Whether with additional elements, special materials or unique design: every beyerdynamic microphone has its own SCT to ensure optimal control of the sound waves. The result? Incredible sound quality.

Beyerdynamic TG D71 Features

  • An extremely tough housing with a compact, lean design
  • Perfect for kick drums, cajóns and grand pianos with a non-slip rubber underside
  • Powerful, natural sound
  • Made in Germany
  • TG D71 Semi-Cardioid Boundary Microphone1
  • Transducer TypeCondenser
  • Polar PatternHalf-cardioid
  • Frequency Response25 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Output Impedance< 200 ohms
  • Sensitivity1.5 mV/Pa (-56 dBV)
  • Max. SPL at 1 kHz148 dB [SPL@1% THD]
  • Signal-to-noise ratio63 dB [A, RMS], 50 dB [CCIR, Q-Peak]
  • Noise voltage1.1 µV [A, RMS], 4.9 µV [CCIR, Q-Peak]
  • A-weighted equivalent SPL31.2 dB
  • Connector3-Pin XLRM
  • Power supply: Phantom power
    • P48 (+48 VDC ±4 VDC, 6.8 kΩ ±20%, current consumption: < 3.2 mA)
    • P24 (+24 VDC ±4 VDC, 1.2 kΩ ±20%, current consumption: < 3.2 mA)
    • P12 (+12 VDC ±4 VDC, 680 Ω ±20%, current consumption: < 3.2 mA)
    • Dimensions without connector
      • (L x W x H): 90 x 86 x 27 mm
      • Weight: 413 g

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