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Shure PGXD24/SM58 Wireless Handheld Microphone System

MSRP: $474.00

The PGX-D Digital Wireless system, with state-of-the-art, 24-bit digital audio and the industry-leading Shure SM58 handheld wireless microphone, delivers stunning sound and a strong, clean RF signal.

Great for small clubs and venues.

PGX-D Digital Wireless System

PGX-D Digital Wireless Systems offers wireless audio that sounds like wired, rock-solid RF performance. Simple setup and operation make it a great choice for more intimate venues.

SM58 Handheld Wireless Microphone

The Shure SM58 wireless vocal microphone has a tailored vocal response for sound is a world standard for singing or speech. A built-in spherical filter minimizes background noise and breath "pop" sounds. Durable construction, a proven shock-mount system, and a steel mesh grille ensure that even with rough handling, the SM58 will perform consistently, outdoors or indoors. 

PGXD4 Wireless Receiver

The Shure PGXD4 receiver offers innovative 24-bit, 48 kHz digital audio technology for incredibly accurate wireless audio that sounds like wired. True digital diversity means two antennas and two independent receivers are constantly working to provide rock-solid RF signal, and one touch scan finds a clear frequency instantly, making set up a snap. Up to 5 compatible channels per frequency band offers versatility to accomodate a performance's needs.

PGXD24/SM58 Includes

  • PGXD4 Receiver
  • PGXD2/SM58 Handheld Transmitter
  • Clip
  • Power Supply
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • Carrying Case
  • User Guide
  • Reviews