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ClearSonic MMP MiniMegaPac Isolation Drum Booth Package
ClearSonic MMP MiniMegaPac Isolation Drum Booth Package

ClearSonic MMP MiniMegaPac Isolation Drum Booth Package

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With up to a 70% reduction in sound volume, the ClearSonic MMP Mini-MegaPac is useful in applications where above average booth space and isolation is desired.

The ClearSonic MMP MiniMegaPac Isolation Drum Booth Package creates a more ideal acoustic space wherever you are, so you can spend less time worrying about acoustics and more time getting great sounding mixes. ClearSonic's isolation booths are the perfect solution to cut down on microphone bleed and environmental noise to achieve quieter volume levels and better mixes for home and studio recording, House of Worship services, and live music venue performances. In addition to drums, they work great for guitar, horn, voice, or any sound source.

The MiniMegaPac is slightly smaller than the MegaPac and offers the most sound isolation and volume reduction of ClearSonic's line of isolation booths. Just take a step inside and you will hear and feel the difference. This is achieved by being enclosed on all sides by drum shields and extensive acoustic treatment. The drum shields act as a sound barrier reflecting sound back into the booth where it can be absorbed by the S2224 and SL8466 Sorber sound absorption baffles. Getting in/out is easy – the entry point is on the left or right side where the rear A2466x5 drum shield butts up against the front A2466x6 drum shield, allowing either end panel of the A2466x5 drum shield to act as a door.

All ClearSonic's isolation booths are modular, portable, and feature full-length, flexible, yet robust plastic hinges that utilize our ‘tooth in groove’ mechanical lock to securely snap into place for a firm connection between panels, cable cutouts to easily organize cables running to your gear, sound absorbing Sorber baffles, and the highest quality ¼” thick acrylic material to provide a booth that is functional, stable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Please note that all of these booths have a gap in the rear to promote air circulation and are not 'airtight' or 100% isolated.  If desired, extra pieces can be purchased to effectively close this gap and provide maximum isolation.

ClearSonic MMP MiniMegaPac Features

  • Modular and expandable if more room is ever needed
  • Great for studio, stage, and House of Worship
  • Best solution when maximum sound isolation/reduction is critical and sized for four- and five-piece drum kits
  • Cuts down on mic bleed and gives soundperson greater control over the mix
  • 360 degrees of acrylic drum shield coverage for maximum sound isolation
  • 130 square feet of sound absorbing Sorber baffles provide major volume reduction of 60-70%
  • Cable cutouts allow for easy cable routing to your gear
  • 12” H AX2412x6 and AX2412x5 Acrylic Drum Shield Height Extenders provide an ample 6.5’ of headroom
  • A2466x6 6-Section CSP1
  • A2466x5 5-Section CSP1
  • AX2412x6 6-Section CSP Height Extenders1
  • AX2412x5 5-Section CSP Height Extenders1
  • S2466 Sound Absorption Baffle1
  • S1266 Sound Absorption Baffle1
  • ST2466 Sound Absorption Baffle2
  • S2224 Sound Absorption Baffle25
  • BAR2
  • FAN1
  • Acrylic Drum Shield Features
    • Routered edges – provide clean and smooth edge that won’t cut your hands.
    • ¼” thick acrylic material – provides durability for transporting panels. Creates acoustic separation between instruments on stage or in the studio to cut down on mic bleeding and allows everyone to hear themselves and the mix better. Adds stability that allows for modular set up to support acrylic height extenders and Sorber baffles on top, such as a LidPac, and attachment of Sorber panels, such as the S2224, directly to the acrylic panels with adhesive-backed Velcro.
    • Cable cut-outs – allows space where each panel meets at the bottom for routing/organizing cables for microphones or any wired gear. Also allows less sound to escape compared to mouse hole cutouts.
  • Hinge Features
    • Full-length – our hinges run the full length of each acrylic panel. This extra coverage provides superior sound isolation compared to competitors whose hinges leave exposed seams between panels for sound to escape.
    • Tooth in groove mechanical lock – the hinge tooth locks into the groove cut into each acrylic panel for superior connection and longer life, especially compared to Friction hinge.
    • Low profile – allows for better aesthetics as hinge blends into the shield better.
    • Flexibility – hinge bends 180 degrees in one direction and 90 degrees in the other allowing for accordion style folding. This makes it easier to ship, store, and transport, and allows for a more customized shield footprint.
  • Sorber Features
    • Proprietary 1.6” thick rigid fiberglass core - provides superior sound absorption compared to acoustic foam and other fiberglass baffles. Allows panels to free stand (S2466x2) or lay on top of an acrylic shield (LidPacs).
    • Velcro-receptive acoustic fabric jacket – provides another layer of sound absorption and allows Sorber baffles to attach to acrylic material or other Sorber baffles with Velcro.
    • Sewn seams – fabric jacket fully covers inner fiberglass. No glue is used and there is no exposed fiberglass.

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