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ClearSonic S2466x2 SORBER Free-Standing Sound Absorption Baffle
ClearSonic S2466x2 SORBER Free-Standing Sound Absorption Baffle

ClearSonic S2466x2 SORBER Free-Standing Sound Absorption Baffle

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SoundPro Item: 28771
MPN: S5-2D
MSRP: $336.00
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The S2466x2 is ClearSonic's largest free-standing Sorber sound absorption baffle and one of our best-selling products. It consists of two panels joined together by a fabric hinge with each panel measuring 24” W x 66” H. The fabric hinge allows these baffles to free-stand in a ‘V’ configuration and fold in half when not in use. A built-in strap handle makes transporting easy.

These baffles are normally included with larger format isolation booth packages as rear sound dampers to absorb sound reflected backwards off the front acrylic drum shield. Used as a stand-alone unit, S2466x2’s make for a quick solution to recording cleaner vocal and voice over tracks. In addition to being great for vocals, they are also well suited to be used as gobos around horn players, drummers, guitarists, or any sound source that needs isolation and volume reduction for recording (they also work well in classroom and industrial environments). Adjacent S2466x2’s can be attached together to create larger walls or room dividers using built-in Velcro flaps. SX2412x2 Sorber Height Extenders are available to increase the height of any S2466x2 to 78” (6.5’).

ClearSonics S24662x2 SORBER Features

  • Rear sound damper for use with drum shields and isolation booths
  • Great as a gobo for studio, stage, and House of Worship
  • Connect to other units to create larger gobo walls
  • Constructed of lightweight rigid fiberglass panels and sound absorbing fabric
  • Free-standing
  • Folds flat for storage/transport and moves easily with built in strap handle
  • 1.00 overall NRC rating
  • S2466x2 SORBER Free-Standing Sound Absorption Baffle1
  • Proprietary 1.6” thick rigid fiberglass coreProvides superior sound absorption compared to acoustic foam and other fiberglass baffles. Allows panels to free stand (S2466x2) or lay on top of an acrylic shield (LidPacs).
  • Velcro-receptive acoustic fabric jacketProvides another layer of sound absorption and allows Sorber baffles to attach to acrylic material or other Sorber baffles with Velcro.
  • Sewn seamsFabric jacket fully covers inner fiberglass. No glue is used and there is no exposed fiberglass.
  • Dimensions
    • 48” W x 66” H Sorber sound absorption baffle provides 22 square feet of coverage
    • Each panel measures 24” W x 66” H

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