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Ashly Pema 4250.70 Media Amplifier

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PEMA 4250.70
Pema is a Protea-Equipped Media Amplifier either 4 or 8-channel at 250-watts or 125-watts per channel.

Pema is a matrix mixer all Pema models have a full 8-in x 8-out matrix mixer, where any input can be assigned to any output or outputs. Pema is a digital signal processor.

In addition to the full Protea suite of DSP settings, we have added four new features to Pema gain sharing automatic microphone mixing, an automatic feedback suppressor, ambient noise detection and adjustment and a real-time clock with an event scheduler.

Pema features Ashly's energy efficient Class-D amplifier topology with a switching power supply—and is over 80% energy efficient out of the box. Maximize the energy efficiency of your audio system by using the event scheduler to either put the Pema in stand-by mode or turn it off completely.
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