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RTS MRT-327 Dual-Channel User Station
RTS MRT-327 2-Channel User Station

RTS MRT-327 2-Channel User Station

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MSRP: $725.00

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The MRT-327 is a 2-channel intercom station for use in RTS-TW intercom systems. It may be used as a headset station or as a speaker station (with an optional MCS-325 modular speaker). The MRT-327 may be installed in optional console or rack mount configurations.

RTS MRT-327 Features

  • Call Signaling
  • Dual-Action Momentary/Latching Mic Switch
  • Microphone Limiter
  • Optional Microphone Speaker & Headset Configurations
  • Powering Options
  • Remote Deactivation
  • MRT-327 2-channel user station1
  • Input DC Voltage
    • Mode: 18 to 35 volts DC
    • Local Power: 15 to 35 volts DC (12 to 15 volts DC, reduced performance)
    • DC Current Drawn from TW Line
    • Quiescent: 45mA ±10%
    • Operating, 25Ω phones: 75mA ±10%
    • Operating, 25Ω phones + call light: 90mA ±10%
    • Operating, 8Ω speaker: 240mA ±10%
    • Operating, 8Ω speaker + call light: 300mA ±10%
    • DC Current Drawn from TW Line
  • Notes
    • Operating current is measured with output level at 10dB below clipping.
    • Local power option draws no current from TW line.
    • Impedance Across Line: 10kΩ, minimum (designed for use with 200Ω “TW” intercom lines)
    • Environmental Temperature: Operating: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
    • Storage: 40°C to 85°C (104°F to 185°F)
    • Humidity: Operating and Storage: 5% to 95%, non-condensing
    • Noise Contribution:
      • (Ch 2): <-60dBp
      • (Ch 1): <-80dBp
  • Microphone Preamplifier
    • Input Impedance: 470Ω ±5% (dynamic mic)
    • Source Impedance: 200Ω, (nom.)
    • Maximum Input Level: 150 millivolts
    • Frequency Response (-54dB input): 100Hz to 8kHz ±3dB
    • Limiter Range: 30dB
    • Carbon Mic Excitation Current: 10mA, (nom.)
  • Microphone Current SourceOutput: 3.3 mA into 200Ω = ±1 volt peak, (nom.)
  • Speaker Amplifier
    • Maximum Voltage Gain: 30dB
    • Frequency Response: 100Hz to 8kHz ±4dB
    • Output Power: 1.5 watts into 8Ω (nom.)
    • Speaker DIM (speaker muting during mic activation) adjustable, -4 to -30dB (Factory set to -6dB)
  • Headphone Amplifier
    • Voltage Gain: 34dB
    • Output Voltage: 8 volts peak-to-peak into 25Ω (nom.)
    • Output power: ½ watt peak into 25Ω
    • Frequency Response: 150Hz to 10kHz ±3dB
    • Headphone Impedance Range: 25 to 600Ω (600 to 2000Ω with reduced levels)
    • Sidetone Adjustment Range: -20dB to full on
  • Call LightSignaling Frequency: 20kHz ±100Hz
  • Talk-OffFrequency: 24kHz ±100Hz
  • Connectors
    • Dynamic Microphone Headset: XLR type 6 pin female
    • Panel Microphone: ¼-inch standard phone jack, 3-circuit
    • Line Input: One (1) XLR type 3-pin female and one (1) XLR type 3-pin male, wired in parallel
  • Mechanical
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1.71x8.2x9” (44x208x228mm)
    • Weight: 2.75lbs (1.25kg)
    • Construction/Finish: Aluminum case, thermoplastic front panel, light gray finish

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