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Mackie ProFX30v3 Effects Mixer with USB
Mackie ProFX30v3 Effects Mixer with USB

Mackie ProFX30v3 Effects Mixer with USB

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Get the best-in-class of professional analog USB mixers with effects and take your content to the next level with the 30-channel Mackie ProFX30v3. This 30-channel effects mixer is designed to provide studio-quality performance for recording artists, live performers, and content creators. Seven Onyx preamps and a versatile GigFX effects engine allow colorful high-res recordings with sample rates up to 192kHz. A Waveform OEM software bundle is also included for recording, mixing, and editing projects to perfection.

Onyx mic preamps are central to the ProFX30v3’s ability to create ultra-clean, transparent audio. Mackie’s award-winning Onyx Mic Preamps deliver analog warmth that makes sure everything you do sounds great.

Use the GigFX high-resolution effects engine in the ProFX30v3 mixer to add the perfect touch to your sound. With 24 awesome effects to choose from, it’s easy to shape your sound for things like adding reverb to a guitar track or giving your podcast a creative edge.

The USB port on the ProFX30v3 optimizes the mixer for USB recording at sample rates up to 192kHz. Send separate mixers from your computer to your headphones using the 2x4 I/O.

A dedicated compression knob on every channel makes the need for a compression plugin a thing of the past. All it takes is the turn of a knob to compress highly dynamic audio sources like podcast conversations, vocalists, guitars, and more.

Real-time monitoring is critical; thanks to latency-free direct monitoring capabilities in the ProFX30v3, the monitoring process is easy. A dedicated control can be used to blend between your DAW and channel inputs.

The Waveform OEM software adds to the capabilities of the ProFX30v3. This award-winning workstation gives you powerful and creative tools to bring your inspiration into the mixer’s performance.

Mackie ProFX30v3 Features

  • 30 Channels
  • Mix / Record / Create
  • Renowned Onyx Mic Preamps
  • High-Resolution GigFX™ Effects Engine
  • 24-Bit / 192kHz 2x4 USB Recording Interface
  • Effortless Latency-Free Monitoring
  • Single-Knob Compression
  • Record and Product Like a Pro
  • Signature Rugged Design
  • ProFX30v3 effects mixer with USB1
  • Noise Characteristics
    • EIN (150Ω source impedance, 20Hz to 20kHz)
    • Mic in to Insert Send Out, Max Gain: -128dBu
    • Residual Output Noise
      • All Outputs, Master Levels Off, All Channel Levels Off: -95dBu
      • All Outputs, Master Levels Unity, One Channel Level Unity: -85dBu
  • Frequency Response
    • Mic Input to Any Output (gain at unity, +0dB/-1dB): 20Hz to 30,000Hz
  • Distortion
    • (22Hz to 80kHz bandwidth)
    • Mic in to Main Out (+4 dBu output): <0.01%
  • Attenuation and Crosstalk
    • Adjacent Inputs @1kHz: -90dB
    • Inputs to Outputs @1kHz: -80dB
    • Fader Off @1kHz: -75dB
    • Mute Switch/Break Switch Mute @1kHz: -100dB
  • CMRR
    • Mic in to Main out, max gain, 1kHz: 70 dB
  • Max. Levels
    • All Inputs: +22dBu
    • Main Mix XLR: +28dBu
    • All Other Outputs: +22dBu
  • Impedances
    • Mic In: 3.3kΩ
    • Channel Insert Return: 10kΩ
    • All Other Inputs: ≥20kΩ
    • Phones Out: 25 Ω
    • All Other Outputs: 120Ω unbalanced, 240Ω balanced
  • Equalization
    • All Channels (except 1/8" stereo channel)
    • Low: ±15 dB @ 80Hz
    • Mid: ±15 dB 100Hz - 8kHz
    • High: ±15 dB @ 12kHz
    • Low Cut Filter: 18 dB/octave @ 100Hz
  • Max. Voltage Gain (EQ Flat)
    • Mic Input Channel to
      • Insert Output: 60 dB
      • 1/4" Main Output: 80 dB
      • XLR Main Output: 86 dB
      • 1/4" Sub Output: 80 dB
      • Aux Output (pre-fader): 80 dB
      • Aux Output (post-fader): 90 dB
      • FX Send: 90 dB
      • USB Output: 70 dB
    • Mono Line Input Channel to
      • Insert Output: 40 dB
      • 1/4" Main Output: 60 dB
      • XLR Main Output: 66 dB
      • 1/4" Sub Output: 60 dB
      • Aux Output (pre-fader): 60 dB
      • Aux Output (post-fader): 70 dB
      • FX Send: 70 dB
      • USB Output: 50 dB
    • Stereo Line Input Channel to
      • 1/4" Main Output: 20 dB
      • XLR Main Output: 26 dB
      • 1/4" Sub Output: 20 dB
      • Aux Output (pre-fader): 20 dB
      • Aux Output (post-fader): 30 dB
      • FX Send: 30 dB
      • USB Output: 10 dB
    • 1/8" Input to
      • 1/4" Main Output: 40 dB
      • XLR Main Output: 46 dB
      • 1/4" Sub Output: 40 dB
      • Aux Output (pre-fader): 40 dB
      • Aux Output (post-fader): 50 dB
      • FX Send: 50 dB
      • USB Output: 30 dB
    • USB Input to XLR Main Output: 46 dB
  • Number of Presets24
  • Meters
    • Main L/R Mix
    • Two columns of 12 segments each: 0L, +15, +10, +6, +3, 0 (0dBu), -2, -4, -7, -10, -20, -30
  • USB
    • Format: USB 2.0
    • I/O: 1 stereo input, 2 stereo outputs
    • A/D/A: 24 bit, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz
  • Phantom Power48 VDC to all mic channels simultaneously
  • AC Power Requirements
    • Power Consumption: 50 watts
    • Universal AC Power Supply: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
    • Power Connector: 3-pin IEC line cord
  • Dimensions (HxWxD)4.4" x 32.3" x 17.1"
  • Weight26.5 pounds

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