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Audio-Technica ATW-R3210N Network-Enabled Diversity Receiver
Audio-Technica ATW-R3210N Network-Enabled Diversity Receiver

Audio-Technica ATW-R3210N Network-Enabled Diversity Receiver

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Network enabled wireless receiver ATW-R3210N is one choice for the command center of the 3000 Series. Operating on 12V DC, the receiver includes connections for balanced XLR and unbalanced ¼” outputs on the rear panel. Antennas are detachable BNC ¼” wave, and switchable 12V DC antenna power is available on BNC-type connectors for use with powered antenna accessories.

With Audio-Technica’s 3000 Series you can mix and match components to create the wireless system that works best for you. Options of two receivers and two transmitters establish solid audio quality at the heart of any sound setup. Choose between bodypack transmitter (ATW-T3201) or handheld transmitter (ATW-T3202). Both battery-operated transmitters offer high and low level RF output settings, gain adjustment, high-pass filter, OLED screen, and more. Operating range of 300’ (line of sight) between receiver and transmitter allows for a very mobile wireless solution. Whatever elements you use, you will hear excellent audio quality enjoyed by artists, broadcasters, and presenters.

Sound control options are part of either transmitter choice, but the bulk of the power is in the receiver. Scan feature establishes desired frequencies, and IR sync functionality pairs the receiver and transmitters to the same frequency. 60 MHz tuning bandwidth in one of two available frequency bands allows maximum versatility in congested RF environments, with DE2 at 470-530 MHz and EE1 at 530-590 MHz. In an open-range environment without interfering signals, the receiver can host up to 40 simultaneous channels per band. Auto squelch feature automatically adjusts noise setting, maximizing operating range while minimizing interference.

True diversity reception provides better sound quality and reduces the potential for dropouts. Reception works with RF inputs feeding two completely independent RF sections, and automatic logic circuitry constantly comparing and selecting the superior received signal.

Front panel receiver display indicates information to stay aware of system status. Display can switch between standard view – indicating RF signal strength, frequency, mute status, audio modulation level of the received signal, and transmitter information – and performance view, which highlights key metering. Functions of the receiver are easily accessible from buttons and the control-dial on the front panel. The receiver has rugged housing and takes up a standard 1U 19” rack mount, making it work well for professional tours, one of the 3000 Series most common uses.

Note: When purchasing separate wireless components, please match their frequency bands to ensure proper system operation.

Audio-Technica ATW-R3210N Features

  • Network-enabled receiver offers network monitoring and control via Wireless Manager software
  • Wide 60 MHz UHF tuning bandwidth for maximum versatility in an increasingly congested RF environment
  • True Diversity operation reduces dropouts
  • Frequency scan and IR sync functionality for ease of setup
  • Dual-mode receiver display can switch between standard view or a performance view that highlights key metering
  • OLED screens for optimal readout of key settings and alerts
  • Antenna power available for powered antennas and other in-line RF devices
  • Ground-lift switch helps eliminate audible hum caused by ground loops
  • Balanced audio output jack
  • Flexible UHF antennas2
  • AC adapter1
  • Set of rack-mount adapters1
  • Joining plate1
  • Receiving system True diversity
  • Image rejection 60 dB nominal
  • RF sensitivity 20 dBuV at 60 dBA S/N ratio (50 ohms termination)
  • Maximum output level XLR, Balanced, +14 dBV
  • Antenna input BNC-type, 50 ohms
  • Antenna power 12 V DC, 160 mA (combined)
  • Power supply 100 to 240 V AC (50/60 Hz) to 12V DC 1 A (center positive) switched mode external power supply
  • Operating temperature range -5 ºC to +45 ºC (23 º F to 113 ºF)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H)8.27 x 7.52 x 1.71 inches (210 x 191 x 43.4 mm)
  • Weight (without accessories)1,100 g (38.8 oz)

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