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Whirlwind LM2C Camera Mic Adapter
Whirlwind LM2C Camera Mic Adapter

Whirlwind LM2C Camera Mic Adapter

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The Whirlwind LM2C is a passive device that allows the connection of professional dynamic microphones or line level audio sources to the unbalanced stereo mic level inputs on video cameras or laptop computers. High quality audio transformers isolate the camera or computer from the input sources.

Controls include individual volume potentiometers and mic/line level select switches for each channel. A stereo/mono switch combines the two inputs into mono and sends the summed signal to both the tip (left) and ring (right) of the output jack. A ground lift switch is provided to help reduce hum if necessary caused by equipment connections.

The main left and right input connectors are combination female XLR and ¼" tip, ring, sleeve balanced jacks. Unbalanced ¼" tip, sleeve plugs may be inserted and RCA connections can be accommodated through the use of adapters. There is also a 3.5mm input jack which sums the incoming left and right signals together and applies that mono signal to the right input only.

The 3.5mm output jack delivers unbalanced stereo audio with the left signal on the tip connection and the right signal on the ring.

The LM2C comes with a convenient belt clip attached to allow hands free portable operation. For desktop use, the belt clip can be unattached by unscrewing the retaining screws and removing the belt clip. Reinstall the retaining screws to prevent their loss.

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