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Nord Drum 3P Percussion Synthesizer Multi-Pad
Nord Drum 3P Percussion Synthesizer Multi-Pad

Nord Drum 3P Percussion Synthesizer Multi-Pad

SoundPro Item: 50924
MSRP: $1,399.00
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The super compact Nord Drum 3P combines stunning playability with unlimited sound design possibilities! New features include integrated multi-pad, Reverb and Delay effects, a simplified sound selection mode and new Sound Banks for quickly creating custom kits on the fly.

The great sounding global Stereo Reverb and Delay effects lets you add a whole new dimension to your drum sounds and the effect amount is easily adjusted for each drum channel.

Drum Select feature lets you browse a wide selection of great sounding drums sounds, simply assigned to each pad individually. Easily replace toms, cymbals or kicks in seconds by selecting from our new preset library. The new Drum Select banks feature 9 categories of great preset sounds that can be easily assigned to any of the six pads/channels - and is a great starting point in rehearsal situations when you need to find the right sounds in a matter of seconds.

Sound Generation takes place in 3 sections: Tone, Noise, and Click. The Tone Section is specialized for creating tonal and harmonically complex sound spectras and has four synthesis modes – Resonant synthesis, Subtractive Synthesis, Frequency Modulation and Ring Modulation synthesis. The Noise section is all about producing noise and is very powerful. Create anything from silky smooth hiss to gritty gravel to give the Tone part of the sound more texture. The Click-section is a specialized section for an ultra-short attack to the sound. A wide range of different click types are available as well as a level control for finding the sweet spot where the Click merges with the other elements and becomes one coherent sound.

Each of the 6 channels of the Nord Drum 3P has its own powerful effects – Drive, EQ and Ring Modulation. The Nord Drum 3 features two new Master Effects, Reverb and Delay. The Reverb features 5 room algorithms (Tiled Room, Room, Plate, Stage and Hall) with controls for tonal color. The Delay effect features a Tap Tempo-mode and adjustable feedback amount. The amount of Reverb and Delay can be set individually for each of the 6 channels of the Nord Drum 3P.

The Channel Mixer sets the level for each channel and also features a Pan control for creating a lush stereo image. If you like to send the kick to a separate output, just pan that channel all the way to the left and the other channels to the right.

MIDI in/out is also available for using the Nord Drum 3P with any kind of MIDI pads or sequence it from an external MIDI Sequencer. All of the Nord Drum 3P sound parameters can be controlled via CC-controls over MIDI. Compatible with the free iPad app Nord Beat, specificall designed for sequencing the Nord Drum 3P via MIDI.

Nord Drum 3P Features

  • 6-channel Modeling Percussion Synthesizer
  • Integrated multi-pad, kick pad input and MIDI
  • Simplified user interface with easy sound selection
  • New preset 'Drum Select' library for kicks, snares, toms and more
  • Advanced sound engine with Resonant Synthesis, Subtractive synthesis and FM-synthesis
  • Reverb and Delay Effects - adjustable amount for each pad
  • Drive, Sample-Rate reduction, Ring Modulation and EQ-effects for each pad
  • MIDI in/out and full CC-control
  • Stereo Output with improved output level
  • Headphone Output with improved output level
  • Nord Drum 3P percussion synthesizer multi-pad1
  • Universal module mount1
  • Universal power adapter1
  • Global
    • 4 Character LED-display
    • 4 Banks x 50 Programs for Drum Kits
    • 9 Drum banks for single drum sounds - bass drums, snare drums, toms, hi-hats, cymbals, percussion, bells, tuned percussion, effects
    • 8 User Banks x 50 sounds for single drum sounds
    • Free OS updates
  • Sound Generation
    • 6-channel Percussion Modeling Synthesizer
    • Tone section - Resonance modeling, Subtractive, Ring Modulation and FM-synthesis
    • Noise section - Low pass 12dB/24dB, High Pass 12dB/24dB, High Pass High Cut and Band Pass 6dB/12dB filter. Adjustable resonance and filter envelope response
    • Click section - 12 click types, Noise Waveforms, Short Pulses, High Pass Filtered Pulses and Chirps. Adjustable level.
  • Effects
    • Global Stereo Reverb with 5 reverb modes (Tiled Room, Room, Plate, Stage and Hall) and Color highpass/low pass. Reverb amount can be adjusted per channel.
    • Global Delay with Rate (Milliseconds), Feedback and Tap Tempo mode (BPM)
    • Drive, Sample Rate Reduction and Ring Modulation Effects per channel
    • EQ with Gain and Frequency controls per channel
  • Pads and Trigger Input
    • 6 integrated rubber pads with adjustable Input Threshold/Sensitivity
    • External Trigger input with adjustable Input Threshold/Sensitivity for Kick drum pad or similar
    • Adjustable Dynamic Response Curves
    • Channel Peak/Activity indicator
  • MIDI
    • MIDI Note ON/OFF
    • MIDI Program Change
    • MIDI CC parameter control
  • Connections
    • 2 Audio Outputs ¼", 6,35 mm (unbalanced)
    • Stereo Headphones Output - 1/8”, 3,5 mm
    • MIDI in & out - 5 pin DIN connectors
    • 1 generic trigger input - ¼”, 6,35 mm
    • DC input - 12V, 500mA
  • Dimensions11.78" x 1.9" x 11.2"
  • Weight4.1 pounds

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