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RF Venue DISTRO4 Distribution System
RF Venue DISTRO4 Distribution System

RF Venue DISTRO4 Distribution System

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DISTRO4 distributes diversity RF and DC power across four wireless microphone receivers of any brand. A true "distribution amplifier," DISTRO4 splits signals from two antennas (or one Diversity Fin) connected to the rear panel and amplifies them before delivering the signals to multiple receivers in a rack. An additional cascade port is included for daisy chaining multiple units together to accommodate up to 16 receivers per antenna pair.

DISTRO4 features a 2000 mA internal power supply (no wall wart) and compares to antenna distributors twice its price. It includes all RF and DC power cables needed to connect a 4 channel wireless microphone system as well as cascade to one additional DISTRO4.

RF Venue DISTRO4 Features

  • Reduce IMD and crosstalk while decluttering your rack with regulated 12VDC power to your receivers
  • 1RU full rack width to install near receivers
  • Compatible with all manufacturers
  • DISTRO4 Distribution System1
  • AC cable1
  • DC cables4
  • BNC jumpers10
  • Frequency range 470-952 MHz
  • RF output level (gain) 3 dB (±2 dB)
  • Cascade output level 0 dB ~ +2 dB
  • Output connection isolation ≥ 25 dB
  • Third order intercept point 24 dBm
  • Impedance 50Ω
  • Power consumption 60 W
  • Input AC voltage 100~240 V switching
  • DC over coax (to external antennas) 12-14 VDC
  • Output DC voltage (to receiver jacks) +12 V =-=-= 1 A x 4
  • Output DC connectors. 5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 480 x 45 x 250 mm
  • Weight 2.15 kgs

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