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Primacoustic 24 Pack Push-On Impaler
Primacoustic 24 Pack Push-On Impaler

Primacoustic 24 Pack Push-On Impaler

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Primacoustic Push-On Impaler has been developed to increase the speed of installation for commercial contractors. This employs a series of sharp, protruding darts that allow the acoustic panel to be precisely positioned on the wall without having to fret about a hanging offset. The design also allows panels to be butted up end-to-end for seamless installations where larger acoustic surfaces need to be created.

Shipped 24 to a box, the Push-On Impaler is made from a heavy galvanized steel plate and is equipped with elongated mounting slots for stud mounting. Installation is equally easy in plaster board, sheetrock or masonry using the triple-action Cobra Anchors.

Primacoustic Push-On Impaler Features

  • Protruding spinal darts for direct push-on installation
  • Lets you snug panels together end-to-end
  • Minimal wall defacement only requires filling a hole

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