DPA MMC4007 Omnidirectional Microphone Capsule

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DPA MMC4007 Omnidirectional Microphone Capsule
DPA MMC4007 Omnidirectional Microphone Capsule
The MMC4007 Omnidirectional Microphone Capsule, 12 mm is a true pressure omnidirectional transducer.

This high-performance condenser omni mic has an unbeatable dynamic range of 124 dB from the noise floor to 1% THD. It is capable of handling up to 160 dB SPL peak before clipping occurs, making it suitable for a wide range of applications from AB stereo pair to close-miking tasks as well as measurement requirements.

It has, through its total acoustical transparency and ultra-high SPL handling capability, gained a reputation as being the first choice for picking up drums, percussion and brass instruments, whenever a natural and non-distorted result is paramount.

Due to its linear qualities and perfect omnidirectionality, it is also used as reference microphone in both microphone comparisons and acoustic test equipment.

The MMC4007 Capsule is part of the flexible d:dicate Microphone series. The MMC4007, with the MMP-A preamplifier, is a legendary high-SPL recording and calibration classic with natural tone and dynamics. The MMC4007, with the MMP-C compact preamplifier, provides neutral sonic and visual design with linear response in extended frequency bandwidth.