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Radial PZ-Pre Acoustic Instrument Preamp Top
Radial PZ-Pre Acoustic Instrument Preamp

Radial PZ-Pre Acoustic Instrument Preamp

SoundPro Item: 89641
MSRP: $492.00
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The PZ-Pre is a powerful acoustic instrument preamplifier with a powerful EQ and feedback control section and loads of connectivity options giving you complete control over your rig.

The Radial PZ-Pre™ is a powerful acoustic instrument preamplifier. The magic lies in the combination of high performance 100% discrete class-A PZB piezo boosters, an ultra-quiet preamp circuit that will adapt to any pickup system and a host of connectivity options that will put you in total control. The PZ-Pre is equipped with two inputs for quick instrument changes on stage, or, for blending two pickups together. Powerful semi-parametric EQ and feedback eliminating controls allow the user to fine-tune their sound while eliminating troublesome frequencies. Offering both pre and post EQ direct box outputs, the PZ-Pre can be used send a dry signal to the house and performer tailored sound to monitors.

Radial PZ-Pre Features

  • Two channels to switch between instruments
  • Notch & resonance filters eliminate feedback
  • Pre & Post Radial DI outputs for PA and monitors
  • Power booster and mute for more control on stage
  • PZ-Pre Acoustic Instrument Preamp1
  • Three Year Warranty (transferable)1
  • Audio circuit type Proprietary active circuit
  • Number of channels Dual Input, Amp Out, Pre and Post EQ XLR balanced Out
  • Input Impedance 6.8k Ohm at input jack (PZB active 10meg Ohm)
  • Output Impedance 1k Ohm
  • Features
    • 180° polarity reverse, Ground lift, Effects Loop, EQ Control, Boost
    • Input Connectors: 1/4"
    • Output Connectors: Pre and Post EQ XLR
    • Extras: 1/4" Effects Loop, Tuner
  • Construction 14-gauge steel
  • Size (LxWxD) 8x4 ¼x2 (205x110x51mm)
  • Weight 2.7lbs (1.2kg)
  • Power 15VDC 400mA, center pole positive
  • Conditions For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C

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