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Shure Wireless Systems

Whether you're a technical director, AV installer, FOH engineer or performing artist, Shure offers innovative wireless systems that exceed expectations and equip you to take your audio to the next level of quality and versatility. Wireless audio is ideal for music, events, presentations, and beyond. Shure wireless systems take equipment issues out of the equation so you can craft your sound with confidence.


• Up to 47 Channels Per 6MHz DTV Channel

• 24-bit/48kHz, Completely Transparent
  Digital Audio

• Rugged, Intelligent Hardware for
  Professional Sound Reinforcement


• Robust RF Performance

• Intuitive, Easy-To-Use Set-up

• 24-bit Digital Audio & Wide
  Frequency Response



• Flawless, Rock-Solid RF Performance

• Crystal Clear Audio for Presenters
  and Performers

• Docking Rechargeability Options


• Dual Band Digital Wireless Allows Operation in Both 2.4 & 5.8GHz

• Supports Up to 16 Compatible Systems

• Next Gen Digital Guitar Wireless Pedal System


• Ideal Entry-Level Wireless Microphone System

• Rackmount or Portable Receiver Options

• Automatic Scan & Sync

PSM 1000

• Flagship In-Ear Personal Monitoring System

• Twin-Antenna Diversity Bodypack Receivers

• Dual-Channel, Networkable Transmitter

PSM 900

• Professional In-Ear Personal Monitoring System

• Patented Audio Reference Companding

• Half-Rack, Single Channel Transmitter

PSM 300

• Stereo Personal Monitoring System

• Detailed 24-bit Digital Wireless Audio

• Customizable Two Channel Mix and Volume