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Allen & Heath CQ-18T 96kHz Compact Digital Mixer
Allen & Heath CQ-18T 96kHz Compact Digital Mixer

Allen & Heath CQ-18T 96kHz Compact Digital Mixer

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CQ-18T is the largest desktop mixer in the CQ range and is ideal for gigging bands, rehearsal spaces, home recording and streaming, speech applications and corporate AV.

CQ-18T gives you all the tactile control you need to get around the interface quickly. A 7″ touchscreen and rotary control make it simple to set up and get mixing, and the 3 Custom Rotaries and SoftKeys allow you to access commonly used functions with just your muscle memory. The free CQ MixPad app also gives you full control of your mix from anywhere in the venue thanks to the built-in WiFi.

The CQ-18T features powerful integrated dual-band Wi-Fi so you don’t need to bring a bulky access point or router along to use apps with the mixer. Just connect your devices to the CQ’s secure Wi-Fi network and you’re ready to go.

CQ-18T gives you all the connectivity you need to get going with 16 mic/line inputs plus a stereo line input. When it comes to outputs, there’s a pair of main mix outputs plus 6 outputs for monitor mixes – enough for the whole band – and two headphone outputs are provided which can be assigned different mixes, perfect for recording.

More about Allen & Heath’s CQ Series

Experience a fully featured console in a compact build with Allen & Heath’s CQ series of digital mixers. Built on a processing engine that offers 96kHz audio, CQ includes studio-grade onboard processing and an optimized suite of effects, as well as incorporating assistive mixing tools to deliver a mixer that’s not only super-portable but also super-intuitive. CQ comes in three models—two desktop units and one stage box—which utilize the same technology, apps, and UI but are differentiated slightly by feature sets and price. Ideal for users of all experience and skill levels, CQ is designed to fit any application where you need high-quality sound processing and summing, including bands, producers, AV, rental, small venues, and large stages alike.

Control your control. Each of CQ’s input channels can be switched between Quick Channels or Complete Channels modes. Quick Channels mode is ideal for instrument- and application-specific processing, enabling you to dial in a full channel of processing with a signal knob. Alternatively, the Complete Channels mode allows for advanced, in-depth parameter control.

Every aspect of CQ has been designed to make your mixing easier. Gain Assistant helps you optimize your gain levels for one or more channels and monitors those levels throughout the performance. Feedback Assistant uses up to 16 filters per output to automatically detect and eliminate problematic frequencies. A built-in Automatic Mic Mixer instantly reduces background noise and clarifies speech intelligibility, making it the perfect mixer for conferences, podcasts, debates, and small-scale theatrical productions.

Experiment with all the bells and whistles. This series of mixers includes a built-in effects suite, including reverb, delay, and modulation algorithms with instrument-specific presets for speedy setup. Selected units feature the FX Assist tool to tailor the effects to your unique mixing style.

The CQ series is built to seamlessly integrate into any setup. Its USB audio interface allows easy multitrack recording, playback, and streaming. An SD card slot makes it possible to take your mix on the go. Bluetooth functionality even lets you play back your audio from your phone.

Allen & Heath CQ-18T Features

  • 16 Mic/Line preamps, 8x XLR + 8x XLR/TRS ‘Combi’
  • Balanced stereo line input, 2x TRS
  • Main LR, 2x XLR
  • 6x Monitor Mixes, 6x TRS
  • 2x Assignable headphone outputs, 2x 6.35mm TRS
  • 24x22 USB-B interface
  • 24x22 SD record/playback
  • Stereo USB record/playback with dedicated input channel
  • Stereo Bluetooth playback with dedicated input channel
  • 4x FX Assist engines
  • 3x Custom SoftKeys
  • 3x Smart Rotaries
  • Dual Footswitch connection
  • 7” Capacitive touchscreen with associated rotary control
  • Built-in dual band 2.4G/5G AC Wi-Fi with auto channel select
  • CQ-18T 96kHz Compact Digital Mixer1
  • Inputs
    • 8 XLR
    • 8 XLR/TRS Combi
    • 2 TRS (stereo)
  • Outputs
    • 2 XLR (Main)
    • 6 TRS (Monitors)
  • Dimensions346x242x88mm
  • Weight3kg

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Allen & Heath CQ-18T 96kHz Compact Digital Mixer

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