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ART TPS II Tube Preamplifier System
ART TPS II Tube Preamplifier System

ART TPS II Tube Preamplifier System

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MSRP: $349.99
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Designed as the ideal preamp for any application, the tube driven TPS II and DPS II add warmth and texture to any audio source. These two-channel high performance preamps use a hand selected 12AX7A tube in the low noise input circuitry. The TPS II can accept up to +20dB peaks while maintaining over 120dB dynamic range with incredibly low distortion. This, coupled with ART’s proprietary V3™ (Variable Valve Voicing) and variable input impedance allow the TPS II and DPS II to deliver incredible performance from cost effective single space rackmount solutions.

V3™ provides optimized reference points to begin the recording process. V3™ technology allows you to select between a multitude of presets designed for guitars (electric and acoustic), keyboards, bass guitars, drums, vocals and more.

Variable input impedance is fully variable, increasing the sonic potential of the TPS II & DPS II even further. It delivers entirely new sonic textures and tone by varying the input impedance of the preamp, which in turn varies the way the microphone reacts to the load of the preamp.

ART’s OPL™ (Output Protection Limiter) precisely and accurately controls and maintains the output peak signal. The OPL™ circuitry is crucial in protecting the next link in a signal chain to avoid digital clipping. A versatile insert loop on each channel provides access for additional signal processing or direct access to our high quality A/D converter. Separate gain controls on analog and digital outputs allow you to optimize the unit for simultaneous applications.

ART TPS II Features

  • V3 (Variable Valve Voicing) technology
  • OPL (Output Protection Limiter)
  • Variable input impedance
  • Extremely wide dynamic range
  • Wide frequency response (5hz/50kHz)
  • Variable input impedance
  • LED input meter with analog output meter
  • Automatically switches between instrument and microphone preamp
  • Enhanced ART Tube technology adds warmth
  • TPS II tube preamplifier system1
  • Input Connections
    • Front: XLR (balanced)
    • Rear: switchable XLR (bal.)/ 1/4" TS
  • Output ConnectionsXLR (balanced), 1/4" TS
  • Input Impedance XLR, 1/4"5KΩ, 1MΩ
  • Output Impedance XLR, 1/4"300Ω, 150Ω
  • Max. Input Level, XLR+19dBu
  • Max. Input Level, 1/4"+22dBu
  • Max. Output Level, XLR+28dBu
  • Max. Output Level, 1/4"+22dBu
  • CMRR>75dB (typical @ 1kHz)
  • Frequency Response5Hz to 50kHz, +/-1dB
  • Dynamic Range>100dB
  • THD<0.01% clean, <0.1% warm
  • Max. Gain
    • XLR to XLR: 80dB
    • 1/4" to 1/4": 68dB
    • XLR to 1/4": 74dB
    • 1/4" to XLR: 74dB
  • EIN
    • XLR to XLR: -129dBu (A weighted)
    • 1/4" to 1/4": -105dBu (A weighted)
  • Tube Type12AX7A, Dual Triode, Hand Selected
  • Power RequirementsUSA – 110-125V AC / 50hz/16W - Export units configured for country of destination
  • Dimensions (HxWxD)1.75" x 19" x 6.5"
  • Weight5.5 pounds

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