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Countryman E6 Earset Microphone
Countryman E6 Earset Microphone with Shure TA4F (Digital)

Countryman E6 Earset Microphone with Shure TA4F (Digital)

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  • Countryman E6 Earset Microphone
MSRP: $650.00

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The extremely low-profile E6 Earset delivers beautifully uncolored audio while rejecting surrounding noise and feedback. An ultra-miniature electret condenser element is held close to the mouth by a thin boom and comfortable earpad. Three sensitivity options cover general speaking applications through extremely powerful vocals. Four colors allow you to match the E6 to your skin tone for minimum visibility. The element is available as a water- and wind-resistant omnidirectional microphone or as a pattern-changeable directional microphone for maximum isolation and gain before feedback. The boom adjusts for a custom fit and is available in a classic springy style, the extremely flexible “i” style, or the Flex style providing a soft boom in front and a springy ear section.

The E6 is adaptable to a wide range of applications and is available with many customization options to best meet your specific needs.

If the mic will only be used by one person, choose the classic E6, which has a springy boom—once adjusted for fit, it will continually hold this shape. If many different speakers will be using the same mic, get the E6i with a soft, durable boom designed to be flexed repeatedly. The third option, the E6X, has a springy ear-loop and a soft boom, and is great when a few people will be using one mic.

An omnidirectional (O) Earset rejects unwanted sound and feedback better than a lavalier almost any way you wear it, so it is very user-friendly for new and experienced users alike. It’s ideal for anyone working with a PA system covering a room without stage monitors. For situations where there are loud monitors, extreme feedback, or environmental noise, choose a directional (D) Earset.

The more sensitive a microphone is to soft sounds, the earlier it will overload at loud sounds. The W5, W6, and W7 sensitivity designators correspond to general speaking, loud speaking and vocals, and powerful vocals, respectively. For standard spoken word applications, choose the W5. For musical theater, or dynamic presenters, choose the W6. For opera singers, or other extremely loud applications only, choose the W7.

The E6 earset is available in Tan (T), Light beige (L), Cocoa (C), and Black (B). If you are unsure of the color you need, choose the darker options, as it will be more likely to blend in and draw less attention.

This E6 earset listing is for the AX connector which is compatible with Shure Digital Wireless Systems such as Shure Axient Digital, GLXD, GLXD+, QLXD, SLXD, and ULXD.

Countryman E6 Features

  • Compatible with Shure Axient Digital, GLXD, GLXD+, QLXD,SLXD, and ULXD
  • Nearly invisible
  • Detachable connector
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Ultra lightweight
  • E6 earset microphone1
  • Detachable cable1
  • Black single tie cable clip1
  • White single tie cable clip1
  • Directional protective caps2
  • Windscreen1
  • Carrying case1
  • Frequency Response
    • Omnidirectional: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
    • Directional: 30 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Operating Current500 uA
  • Operating Voltage1 to 2 Volts
  • Power Supply Voltage
    • +3V with 2.7 kOhm load
    • +5V with 6.8 kOhm load
    • +9V with 15 kOhm load
  • Weight0.07 oz (2 g)
  • Sensitivity
    • Omnidirectional W5 (no band): 7.0 mV/Pascal
    • Omnidirectional W6 (blue band): 2.0 mV/Pascal
    • Omnidirectional W7 (purple band): 0.7 mV/Pascal
    • Directional W5 (no band): 6.0 mV/Pascal
    • Directional W6 (blue band): 1.9 mV/Pascal
    • Directional W7 (purple band): 0.6 mV/Pascal
  • Equivalent Acoustic Noise
    • W5: 24 dBA
    • W6: 29 dBA
    • W7: 39 dBA
  • Overload Sound Level
    • Omnidirectional W5: 120 dB SPL
    • Omnidirectional W6: 130 dBA SPL
    • Omnidirectional W7: 140 dBA SPL
    • Directional W5: 125 dBA SPL
    • Directional W6: 135 dBA SPL
    • Directional W7: 145 dBA SPL
  • Cable Length5 Feet

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