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Countryman H6 Headset Cable Black XLR
Countryman H6 Headset Cable

Countryman H6 Headset Cable

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The H6 Headset is the lowest profile headset microphone in the world, combining the transparent sound quality of the E6 Earset with a comfortable, lightweight, and easily adjustable headframe. Available in omnidirectional and pattern-adjustable directional versions, the H6 Headset is perfect for public speaking and vocal performance. The H6 features a sealed connector with exceptional moisture resistance, a slim and nearly indestructible cable, and protective caps to adjust the frequency response (omni) or pattern (directional).

Countryman H6 Headset Cable Features

  • 0.1” (2.5 mm) diameter capsule virtually disappears when worn
  • Mic detaches from the cable using a new connector with a tight seal against moisture (e.g., sweat)
  • 1.2 mm diameter cable uses Aramid strength members and engineered alloys for extreme tensile and flex strength
  • Headframe can be adjusted to fit different head sizes and the mic boom slides to get the perfect fit
  • Sweat-Proof Connector detaches from cable with rugged, tightly-sealed snap connection
  • Stainless steel tubing and wire provide maximal durability in a sleek design
  • Both earloops slide in and out to achieve a comfortable and secure fit on the head
  • H6 Headset Cable1
  • Frequency Response
    • Omni: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
    • Directional: 30 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Sensitivity
    • Omni W5: 7.0 mV/Pa
    • Omni W6: 2.0 mV/Pa
    • Omni W7: 0.7 mV/Pa
    • Directional W5: 6.0 mV/Pa
    • Directional W6: 1.9 mV/Pa
    • Directional W7: 0.6 mV/Pa
  • Equivalent Acoustic Noise
    • W5: 24 dBA
    • W6: 29 dBA
    • W7: 39 dBA
  • Overload Sound Level (1% THD)
    • Omni W5: 120 dBA
    • Omni W6: 130 dBA
    • Omni W7: 140 dBA
    • Directional W5: 125 dBA
    • Directional W6: 135 dBA
    • Directional W7: 145 dBA
  • Power Requirements500 µA at 1 to 2 Volts
  • Cable Length5 Feet
  • Weight.07 oz (2 grams)

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