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DAS Audio provides gear such as loudspeakers and subwoofers for live and commercial applications, making your sound bigger, better, and more powerful for professionals of all kinds. Constantly striving to create better technology solutions for audio pros, DAS Audio gear is characterized by its performance, durability, and reliability. 


Since its beginning in 1971, DAS Audio has been driven by the passion of its employees to constantly improve both products and services. Based in Valencia, Spain, DAS Audio designs and manufactures all the components of their sound systems from scratch, giving them unique flexibility and precision from conception to the final product, while allowing them to maintain the highest quality without directly affecting cost. 


Holding fast to their motto of “Sound with Soul,” DAS Audio’s company culture revolves around people. A family-owned business, they emphasize respect for their employees and the work the company does. This respect extends beyond the company itself to a strong commitment to its customers, distributors, installation partners, and suppliers, with a deep appreciation for the projects and passions of each client or business partner, and a conscious effort to maintain close relationships.

DAS Audio