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Glorious Vintage Music Station
Glorious Vintage Music Station

Glorious Vintage Music Station

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SoundPro Item: 130073
MSRP: $999.99
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The Vintage Music Station is an innovative hybrid combination of DJ table and studio workstation in a trendy retro look, which is suitable for many creative applications. Adaptive table legs in 2 different lengths allow the table height to be varied so that it can be ergonomically adjusted for mixing as well as for studio work.

The generous tabletop offers sufficient space for studio or DJ equipment, such as 2 turntables with a mixer or even larger DJ and studio controllers. Numerous ducts, also underneath the removable table top, allow flexible cable management for perfect placement of the equipment.

The design of the Vintage Music Station has a retro look, which has been rounded off with a classic wood finish. When used as a DJ table, the Vintage Music Station also offers 2 storage compartments with removable cover plates for practical vinyl storage and space for up to 100 records in total. There is a laptop storage area centered in the middle, which can also be used as additional storage space or for cable management thanks to the cover plate, which is also removable.

As a studio workstation, the vinyl compartments with closed top panels can be used, for example, as storage space for monitor speakers, 2 large screens or other producing equipment.

The extremely stable construction with additional metal bracing provides a high degree of torsional rigidity, so the table is also stable when used as DJ table and the equipment can be placed safely. The Vintage Music Station is made of solid MDF wood, particle board and honeycomb panels and is easy to assemble in just a few steps.

Glorious Vintage Music Station Features

  • Professional hybrid combination of DJ desk, studio workstation and record storage
  • Ergonomic working height for DJ and studio use, due to modular table legs
  • Appealing retro-look design with vintage wood finish
  • Intuitive construction with many application possibilities for DJs, producers and vinyl lovers
  • Offers plenty of space to set up studio or DJ equipment, such as 2 turntables with a mixer, larger controllers, keyboards, several monitors or speakers
  • Work surface with generous width and depth
  • Numerous ducts for flexible cable management on the top, interior and on the bottom
  • 2 vinyl storage compartments with space for up to 50 vinyl records each and an additional storage compartment, including cover plates as a surface for studio or DJ equipment
  • Can be placed either free-standing or flush against the wall
  • Cable recess for wall installation at screen height
  • Extremely sturdy construction with high stability thanks to additional metal bracing on the solid wooden table legs
  • Easy to assemble in just a few steps
  • Vintage Music Station1
  • Material
    • Body: MDF wood, Particle board, Honeycomb board, Iron crossbeam
    • Table Legs: Solid wood
  • Dimensions
    • DJ Station: 1241 x 1015 x 710 mm
    • Studio Station: 1241 x 815 x 710 mm
  • Weight34 kg
  • Maximum load40 kg

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