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Radial JR1-L Latching AB Footswitch
Radial JR1-L Latching AB Footswitch

Radial JR1-L Latching AB Footswitch

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SoundPro Item: 10158
MSRP: $180.00
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The Radial JR-1 is a single action footswitch designed to remotely control a function such as selecting A or B outputs. As a passive device, it does not require any power to make it work. Instead, it employs a simple mechanical switch that shorts the positive with the ground using either ¼” or XLR connections. The JR1 is available in a ‘L’ latching version that requires pushing on and pushing off the footswitch to sort and release the contact, or a ‘M’ momentary version that shorts the contact when depressed, and releases as soon as the switch is released.

Radial JR1-L Features

  • Remote control footswitch for compatible Radial products
  • Draws power from connected Radial device
  • Connect with either balanced XLR or 1/4"
  • Heavy duty construction for years of trouble-free use
  • JR1-L Latching AB Footswitch1
  • Compatibility
    • Headbone VT Amp Head Switcher
    • Relay Xo Active Output Switcher
    • Studio-Q Studio Talkback Controller

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