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Allen & Heath DX Hub Remote Audio Networking Hub
Allen & Heath DX Hub Remote Audio Networking Hub

Allen & Heath DX Hub Remote Audio Networking Hub

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The DX Hub Remote Audio Networking Hub from Allen & Heath is a great tool for optimizing your sound system’s connectivity. Easy to use and simple to set up, this remote networking hub is designed for compatibility with any Allen & Heath AHM-64, SQ, or Avantis mixer via SLink. Alternatively, connect it to any Avantis mixer or dLive system using a gigaACE I/O module. (All external gear and equipment sold separately.)

The DX Hub expands your setup with 4 DX Link ports, each providing 32x32 channels of 96kHz audio. Multiple DX Hubs can be daisy-chained for further expansion; in the case of using a dLive system, this can also be used to enable dual redundancy for secure, reliable performance. This hub also supports DX auto firmware matching, enabling you to get on with your work without worrying about whether the firmware is compatible or up-to-date.

Expand your connectivity even further by adding up to 2 dLive DX expanders to each DX Link port. Add one DX32 expander or any combination of 2 DX168 or DX164-W expanders to attain a total of up to 128 remote inputs and 64 remote outputs to work with in your system.

Connect the DX Hub to a Cat5e link cable to get connectivity up to 100m away. This remote audio networking hub boasts self-locking Ethercon connectors to ensure the best quality connection—and, by extension, the best quality audio for your needs. It is Ethernet L2 compatible, and also supports connectivity through VLAN.

Enjoy plug-and-play connectivity with the DX Hub, without the hassle of network routing. Its compact size (half-space, or 2-in-1U) makes it an effortless addition to any size audio setup, whether your needs are for permanent installation or portable flexibility.

Allen & Heath DX Hub Features

  • Connect to any Allen & Heath AHM-64, SQ or Avantis mixer via SLink, or any Avantis mixer or dLive system fitted with a gigaACE I/O module
  • Up to 100m CAT5e link
  • Self-locking Ethercon connectors
  • Ethernet L2 compatible
  • Redundant or single link
  • Half space or 2 in 1U mount kit
  • Up to 32x32 I/O per port
  • Connections can be used thru a VLAN
  • Supports DX auto firmware matching
  • Plug 'n play (no network routing)
  • DX Hub Remote Audio Networking Hub1
  • Ports4

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