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Allen & Heath fibreACE Audio Networking Card
Allen & Heath fibreACE Audio Networking Card

Allen & Heath fibreACE Audio Networking Card

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The fibreACE audio networking card (M-DL-GOPT) is one of several audio networking options that can be fitted to any Allen & Heath dLive or Avantis I/O Port. It provides a 128x128ch 96kHz point-to-point link to another dLive or Avantis system over CAT cable or multimode fibre optic. It can also be used as a converter, to replace the dLive MixRack to Surface link with fibre optic.

The fibreACE card offers an ideal solution for digital splits and audio distribution in large scale events and installations, with cable runs up to 500m and industry standard connectors. In a typical FoH/Mon configuration, the inputs of a dLive or Avantis system are sent to a second system where independent trim, processing and mixing is applied.

fibreACE is Allen & Heath’s proprietary protocol for transporting Audio and Control over Ethernet. It allows very low latency and cable redundancy without any audio dropout. It can also tunnel the dLive / Avantis TCP/IP control network over the same connection, for example to enable control of two systems by a single laptop.

fibreACE is a truly plug ‘n play protocol: no computer is required for the setup of fibreACE connections. Simply plug the cable between any two dLive / Avantis systems and set the patch and clock settings directly on the mixer.

Allen & Heath fibreACE Features

  • 128 in, 128 out
  • 96kHz sample rate
  • Ultra-low transport latency – 5 samples (52us)
  • Dual redundancy
  • Switchable Control Network Bridge
  • fibreACE Audio Networking Card1
  • 3 modes of operation
    • Copper – CAT5e or higher
    • Fibre – Neutrik OpticalCon Duo multimodem
    • Convert – run fibre between MixRack and Surface

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Allen & Heath fibreACE Audio Networking Card

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