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Allen & Heath XB-14-2 Compact Broadcast Mixer
Allen & Heath XB-14-2 Compact Broadcast Mixer

Allen & Heath XB-14-2 Compact Broadcast Mixer

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MSRP: $2,499.99
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Perfect for a small radio station, online broadcasters, or large studios with multiple rooms, the Allen & Heath XB-14-2 Mixer delivers the specialized features you need in a compact build that easily fits into any existing setup. These features are ideal for broadcast needs, including telephone communication (telco) channels, mic channel ON switch sensing, stereo channel start/cue outputs for playback device control, automatic muting of speaker outputs, and much more. From small radio stations to live-streaming to large TV studios, this mixer is the powerful, versatile tool for every broadcast application.

Select separate monitor mixes to assign to different mixer operators (perfect for a radio show host and guests, for example). Check levels and cue sources mid-broadcast. Use the Talk feature to continue the conversation off-air if you want. Remote control each channel’s mute function from the studio (ideal for studio-situated mute or “cough” switches). Whatever your project’s needs, the XB-14-2 makes it possible to pick and choose the sound you broadcast.

The XB-14-2 boasts several routing options for optimal flexibility, as well as 27 logic I/O for remote control and 15 configuration switches. It comes with dual stereo channels for up to 7 stereo sources, enhanced Duopre microphone preamps, and stereo channel gain range. Use the dedicated stereo audition bus for auditioning, or for off-air recording. Press the AUD button on the channels required to transfer your mix from the program feed over to the audition bus.

The XB-14-2 comes with a built-in full-duplex USB soundcard, along with myriad routing options that let you record and broadcast your mix. The XB-14-2 includes 2 Telco channels. These channels offer selectable clean-feed output (LR PGM, Aux, or Audition bus). They also include variable high-pass and low-pass filters that help reduce the frequency range when used with a telephone caller. Finally, the XB-14-2’s Telco channels come with a convenient TALK button.

Allen & Heath XB-14-2 Features

  • 4 mic/line channels
  • 4 Dual Source stereo channels
  • 2 Telco channels
  • HPF and 3-band, swept mid EQ on mono channels
  • 2-band EQ on stereo channels
  • Variable high pass / low pass filters on Telco channels
  • Smooth-ride 100mm faders
  • 2-stage, padless pre-amp design
  • Fader-start sensing on mono channels
  • Start/cue logic outputs on stereo channels
  • External meter socket
  • Separate headphones mix for engineer/producer and 2 guests
  • Auto mutes on control room outputs
  • Remote mute facility on mic channels
  • Configurable USB stereo audio in/out
  • Audition bus for auditioning and off-air recording
  • Aux and separate stereo busses for processing/recording
  • XLR main outputs with inserts
  • Input signal and peak metering
  • XB-14-2 Compact Broadcast Mixer1
  • One Year Limited Warranty1
  • Operating Levels
    • Input
      • Mono channel Mic input (XLR): +6 to –63dBu for nominal (+17dBu in max)
      • Mono channel Line input (TRS Jack socket): +10 to –26dBu (+30dBu maximum)
      • Insert point (TRS Jack socket): 0dBu nominal +21dBu maximum
      • Stereo input (TRS Jack sockets): 0dBu nominal (control = Off to +10dB)
      • Stereo input (RCA phono sockets): 0dBu nominal (control = Off to +10dB)
      • Telco channel input (XLR); +10 to –26dBu (+30dBu maximum)
      • External monitor inputs (RCA phono sockets): 0dBu Nominal
    • Output
      • PGM L & R outputs (XLR): +4dBu nominal. +25dBu maximum
      • PGM Mono output (RCA phono): 0dBu nominal. +21dBu maximum
      • PGM L & R inserts (TRS jack sockets): -2dBu nominal. +21dBu maximum
      • Aux output (Jack socket): 0dBu nominal. +21dBu maximum
      • Mix B outputs (RCA phono sockets): 0dBu nominal. +21dBu maximum
      • Audition outputs (RCA phono sockets); 0dBu nominal. +21dBu maximum
      • Telco output (XLR): 0dBu nominal. +21dBu maximum
      • CRM Speaker outputs (RCA phono sockets): 0dBu nominal. +21dBu maximum
  • THD+n
    • Mic in to PGM L/R Out, 0dB gain, 1kHz, +10dBu out: <0.01%
    • Mic in to PGM Out, 30dB gain, 1kHz, +10dBu out: <0.01%
    • Line in to PGM L/R out 0dB gain, 1kHz, 0dBu out: <0.01%
    • Stereo in to PGM out 0dB gain, 1kHz, +10dBu out: <0.01%
  • USB Audio CODEC (Coder/Decoder)
    • USB Audio In/Out: USB 1.1 compliant 16bit
    • Sample Rate: 32, 44.1, or 48kHz
  • Noise
    • Mic Pre EIN @ max gain 150R input Z 22-22kHz: -124dBu
    • PGM out, PGM fader = 0, 22-22kHz; < -100dBu
    • Audition out, Mix B out = 0, 22-22kHz: < -100dBu
    • Aux out, Mono out = 0, 22-22kHz: < -85dBu
  • Headroom
    • Analog Headroom from nominal (0Vu) Outputs: 21dB
    • USB in & out headroom from nominal (0Vu): 14dB
    • Analogue Headroom from nominal (0Vu) Mix point: 24dB
  • Crosstalk & Attenuation (dB 22-22kHz)
    • Mono fader attenuation (dB relative to +10dBu) 1kHz/10kHz: -95/-95
    • Mono ON switch attenuation (dB relative to +10dBu) 1kHz/10kHz; -95/-95
    • TELCO fader attenuation (dB relative to +10dBu) 1kHz/10kHz: -95/-95
    • TELCO ON switch attenuation (dB relative to +10dBu) 1kHz/10kHz: -95/-95
    • Stereo fader attenuation (dB relative to +10dBu) 1kHz/10kHz: -95/-90
    • Stereo ON switch attenuation (dB relative to +10dBu) 1kHz/10kHz: -95/-95
    • PGM fader attenuation (dB relative to +10dBu) 1kHz/10kHz: -100/-95
    • TELCO clean-feed isolation from I/P (dB relative to +10dBu) 1kHz/10kHz: -55/-40
    • Stereo separation, L in to PGM R out. dBr 1kHz/10kHz: -70/-50
    • Mic in to PGM L/R Out, 30dB gain: +0.5/-1dB 10Hz to 30kHz
    • Line in to PGM L/R out 0dB gain: +0.5/-1dB 10Hz to 30kHz
    • Stereo in to PGM L/R out: +0.5/-1dB 10Hz to 30kHz

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