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SKB 1SKB-R104 Audio and DJ Rack Case
SKB 1SKB-R104 10x4 Compact Rack Case

SKB 1SKB-R104 10x4 Compact Rack Case

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SoundPro Item: 44687
MPN: 1SKB-R104
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The 1SKB-R104 is a 10U slanted top and 4U front, rack case that features steel threaded rails, hard lid and doors, side access ports (for cable routing) and has enough space to mount the AV-8 with the lid closed! The one piece base is roto-molded of Linear Medium Density Polyethylene (LMDPE) while the hard front and rear doors and lid are Injection molded of Rubber Modified Styrene (RMS). The back lid provides maximum access to the rack gear. Two TSA locking SKB patented trigger latches secure the lid while the flat hard top allows for stacking in transport and storage.

SKB 1SKB-R104 Features

  • 10U Slanted rackmount on top
  • 4U rackmount in front
  • Room for cables
  • Hard lid and doors
  • Side access ports for cable routing
  • Injection molded front and rear doors and lid
  • Two TSA locking patented trigger latches
  • Stackable for storage and transport
  • 1SKB-R104 10x4 compact rack case1
  • Exteriorhard
  • Rack Units14
  • Top Space Units10
  • Bottom Space Units4
  • Front Rail to Back Lid3.5"
  • Rear Rail to Front Lid13.5"
  • Exterior Length23.75"
  • Exterior Width23.5"
  • Exterior Height17.75"
  • Product Weight24.3 pounds

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