DPA UA0836 Stereo Boom (With Holders)

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DPA UA0836 Stereo Boom (With Holders)
DPA UA0836 Stereo Boom (With Holders)
The Stereo Boom is a precision-crafted microphone boom for secure mounting of microphone pairs for A-B stereo recordings.

You can adjust both microphone spacing and microphone angle. The boom can be mounted on a stand or suspended from wires. It has centimeter graduations on the boom and angle graduations on the microphone holder for quick and easy configuration of the recording set-up.

The UA0836 Stereo Boom is supplied with two UA0961 Microphone Holders, but can also be ordered without the holders (UA0837). Any microphone holder will fit the boom.

The stereo boom can be fitted with the DUA0019 19 mm (.75 in) spacer, which allows you to assemble an XY-stereo or ORTF-stereo setup with two cardioid microphones.

Boom length: 54 cm (21.2 in).