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Listen Technologies LS-90-0 ListenIR iDSP Level I System
Listen Technologies LS-90-0 ListenIR iDSP Level I System

Listen Technologies LS-90-0 ListenIR iDSP Level I System

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SoundPro Item: 72712
MPN: LS-90-01
MSRP: $1,555.00
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Securely transmit assistive listening audio and ensure compliance for your venue with the LS-90-0 ListenIR iDSP Level I System. The pre-configured system includes everything you need to meet the needs of a small or mid-size venue up to 50 seats, including boardrooms, theaters, training venues, classrooms, and more.

Each LS-90-0 system comes complete with one of our LT-84 Transmitter/Radiator combos for clear and secure line-of-sight audio transmission, along with our LR-4200-IR receivers and LA-423 4-port charger.

Simple to set up and cost effective, the LS-90-0 from Listen Technologies offers better coverage than similar systems at an affordable price.

Listen Technologies LS-90-0 Features

  • Pre-configured infrared system comes with everything you need to begin offering secure, high-quality assistive listening in your venue
  • Provides outstanding coverage up to 2,787 m2 (30,000 ft2)
  • Ideal for small or medium-sized venues up to 50 seats
  • Simple to set up and easy to use
  • Crystal clear audio performance for all listeners
  • Integrated neck loops/lanyards provide compatibility with T-coil-equipped devices
  • Designed for single-channel applications
  • LT-84-01 ListenIR Transmitter/Radiator Combo1
  • LR-4200-IR Intelligent DSP IR Receiver2
  • LA-430 Intelligent Ear Phone/Neck Loop Lanyard2
  • LA-401 Universal Ear Speaker2
  • LA-423 4-Port USB Charger1
  • LA-304 Assistive Listening Notification Signage Kit1

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