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Radial Catapult RX4 4 Channel Balanced Audio Snake

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The Catapult acts like a typical four-channel analog audio snake; it allows you to send mic or line-level signals from one location to another without signal loss, noise, or interference, and without any digital audio conversion needed. What makes the Catapult system unique is that it utilizes Cat 5 Ethernet cable, which is widely available, lightweight, and economical. Simply connect a shielded Cat 5 cable between any two Catapult modules and they will use the analog conductors in the cable to deliver four balanced audio lines to any destination.

Audio Snake Features

  • Receive with 8 XLR outs
  • Send four channels of analog audio over a single Cat 5/6 cable
  • Works with a building's existing cable infrastructure
  • Choice of direct-wired or transformer isolated splits
  • Economical Cat 5/6 cable replaces bulky multi-channel audio snakes
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