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K&M 26145 Round Base Microphone Stand
K&M 26145 Round Base Microphone Stand

K&M 26145 Round Base Microphone Stand

SoundPro Item: 90918
MPN: 26145
MSRP: $193.99
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The larger tubing reaches a height of 66.929" and as such is well suited for taller individuals. The sleek clutch provides for user friendly height adjustment and it is easy to fix in place. A very heavy round cast-iron base with a diameter of 11.811" provides the K&M 26145 stand with both exceptional stability and a small footprint. The circular rubber insert ring filters foot step sounds and reduces the transmission of unwanted sounds. The stand weighs 13.656 lbs and is equipped with an extendable boom.

K&M 26145 Features

  • User-friendly heigh adjustment
  • Heavy cast-iron round base
  • Circular rubber ring insert isolates handling noise
  • Includes extendable boom
  • 26145 Round Base Microphone Stand1
  • Base diameter 11.811 "
  • Boom arm 2-piece telescopic design
  • Boom arm clamping T-bar locking screw
  • Boom arm length from 17.126 to 29.331"
  • EAN 4016842825264
  • Height from 39.37 to 66.929"
  • Height adjustment clutch
  • Leg construction heavy round cast-iron base
  • Material steel
  • Product Category Topline
  • Rod combination 2-piece folding design
  • Special features slim clutch; tall tubing combination; big tubes provide a modern look and a superior stability
  • Threaded connector 5/8"
  • Type black
  • Weight 13.833 lbs

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