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Martin Lighting P3-150 Mid Range P3 LED Video Controller
Martin Lighting P3-150 Mid Range P3 LED Video Controller

Martin Lighting P3-150 Mid Range P3 LED Video Controller

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The Martin P3 System Controllers offer an easy to use solution to map video onto Martin Creative LED and Lighting fixtures, including manipulation of the video such as scaling, rotating, mirroring and more. On top of sending video to these fixtures, the P3 System Controllers also merge in controls from any lighting console, allowing you to mix and match video and lighting control of the fixtures, for more creative freedom. All connected fixtures are addressed, patched and configured in few clicks, with no need to walk up to any fixture for old-school manual setup. The communication between the fixtures and P3 System Controller is fully bi-direction, so real-time feedback and error-reporting enables you to have a full overview of the entire setup, even in fixed installations where the P3 System Controller can be monitored via the Internet.

The P3-150 System Controller is a user-friendly and reliable unit driving video and DMX controls into the entire Martin range of Creative LED products and P3-enabled MAC moving heads. It controls systems of up to 520.000 pixels, takes DVI video input, DMX input and Art-Net input.

Martin Lighting P3-150 Features

  • Drives up to 520.000 pixels
  • Built-in scaler and mapper
  • DVI-D input up to 1920x1080
  • Built-in GUI (Graphical User Interface) including easy setup wizards
  • Real time visualization of the video mapping within the GUI
  • Most user-friendly LED Video processor on the market
  • Compatible with all Martin Creative LED products and P3-enabled MAC moving heads
  • Integration with lighting controls (DMX & Art-Net) and automation systems
  • All connected products report status and problems back to the controller for easy monitoring and maintenance
  • Showfiles compatible with all products within the P3 System Controller family (including the P3-PC offline editor)
  • Connected fixtures can cross-fade or toggle in real-time between video-mapping and DMX (pixel-mapping) control

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