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myMix myMixCONTROL Web-Based Remote Interface
myMix myMixCONTROL Web-Based Remote Interface

myMix myMixCONTROL Web-Based Remote Interface

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  • myMix myMixCONTROL Web-Based Remote Interface
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The myMixCONTROL is a tool for engineers working with larger myMix systems, or the system integrator to set-up dedicated myMix systems that require special settings and function locking. The myMix CONTROL software is a web browser interface located on the myMix PLUG computer. It can be accessed from any device that runs a web browser through a Wi-Fi or LAN connection. The myMix PLUG hosts web server, transfers the data between the computer/tablet and the myMix devices and has local memory to save complete projects and other data.

If you like to get more information check out the introduction video for myMix Control or the webinar myMix Control.

myMix CONTROL completes the system by giving the engineer the capability to back up a whole system, configure and edit individual units, or lock specific functions through any device that accesses the network wired or wireless.

The myMix personal monitor mixing system has convinced thousands of musicians and sound engineers that they do not need to make compromises anymore with their sound. From small to large stages in concert venues or HoW, in studios, rehearsal rooms, music schools and theaters, myMix helps anywhere music is made. The sound quality and the easy to use, intuitive user interface to control one’s own monitor mix is what our users love most – along with the multi-track recording and playback capability.

The channels in a myMix system can be named as wished. Mixing gets as simple as selecting the instrument or vocal mic, pressing the button and adjusting: volume, tweaking the tone, adding stereo effects and pan control for a 3-D sound image. Changes get automatically stored in the current profile or a mix can be shared with others, as well as many other features.

myMix myMixCONTROL Features

  • For mix outputs from myMix System (to feed wireless IEM transmitters) or internal submixes
  • Access from any device with a web browser (computer, tablet, smart phone)
  • Save change over time by saving and loading entire projects with all device data
  • Help musicians by remotely editing or copying mixes
  • Internal WiFi access point or access through LAN connection
  • Built-in memory for hundreds of projects
  • myMixCONTROL Web-Based Remote Interface1

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myMix myMixCONTROL Web-Based Remote Interface

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