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Quam SYSTEM 6VP Wall Mount Speaker
Quam SYSTEM 6VP Wall Mount Speaker

Quam SYSTEM 6VP Wall Mount Speaker

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SoundPro Item: 90117
MSRP: $234.54
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The SYSTEM 6VP is a complete, vandal resistant horn assembly featuring a double re-entrant, compression horn with an integrated 16W, 25/70V, multi-tap transformer that is mounted on a vandal resistant baffle. It also includes a square, heavy gauge steel, surface mount enclosure with four (4) threaded inserts for baffle attachment, a single ½” conduit entrance and a Wiremold entrance on the top and bottom. Tamper resistant, 8-32 x 1″, ‘pin-in-torx’ screws are included. It has a high durability, white, powder coat finish.

Quam SYSTEM 6VP Features

  • Complete horn assembly
  • Double re-entrant, compression horn
  • Integrated 16W, 25/70V, multi-tap transformer
  • Vandal resistant baffle
  • Square, heavy gauge steel
  • Surface mount enclosure with four (4) threaded inserts for baffle attachment
  • One ½” conduit entrance
  • One Wiremold entrance on the top and bottom
  • Tamper resistant
  • 8-32 x 1″, ‘pin-in-torx&rsquo
  • Screws are included
  • High durability
  • White, powder coat finish
  • Quam SYSTEM 6VP Wall Mount Speaker1
  • Screws1
    • Intended Use: Indoor or protected outdoor environment
    • Program Material: Signal tones, voice and music
    • Installation: Vertical or horizontal surface mount
    • Average Sensitivity: 96dB SPL, 1W/1M
    • Loudspeaker Power Rating: 16W RMS, EIA 426A Standard
    • Calculated Output: 108dB SPL, 16W/1M
    • Magnet Type & Weight: BeFe Ceramic, 5 oz. Nominal
    • Frequency Response: 350Hz - 10kHz, EIA 426A Standard
    • Nominal Coverage Angle: 90° Included Angle, -6dB/2kHz, Half Space
    • Audio Connection: 7, Color-coded, Pre-tinned Leads
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 11 5⁄8 x 11 5⁄8 x 4 1⁄8 "
    • Weight: 12 lbs
    • Loudspeaker Model: H16
    • Loudspeaker Specs: Double re-entrant horn
    • Transformer: 16W, 25/70V, with 5 taps (1W, 2W, 4W, 8W, 16W)
    • Baffle: BS8VP: square
    • Enclosure: SE1WVP
    • Finish: White powder coat finish
    • Other: Tamper resistant, 8-32x1 ‘pin-in-torx’ hardware included

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