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RDL D-RLC10K Remote Level Control
RDL D-RLC10K Remote Level Control

RDL D-RLC10K Remote Level Control

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MSRP: $69.34
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The RLC10K is the ideal companion to the RDL VCA modules where levels are to be controlled from a single remote location. It is designed to directly interface with the 3-wire control input of the VCA module. The RLC10K contains a high-quality 10 kO potentiometer for setting the control voltage.

The RLC10K panel has 10 graphic increments which provide a visual indication of the level setting. The RLC10K and RDL remote source selector may be mounted together in a double box/plate to form a visually appealing control of both audio source and audio level.

Three conductors are required for connection between the RLC10K and an RDL VCA. A single shielded pair is normally used.

All the RLC10K features combine to make it the optimum economical choice for single-point remote level control in high-quality systems. Use the RLC10K individually with an RDL control module, or combine it side-by-side with other RDL remote accessories as part of a complete audio/video system.

RDL D-RLC10K Features

  • Remote Level Control Panel
  • Rotary Control
  • Direct Connection to RDL® VCA Modules
  • Single Control Location
  • Premium-Quality Remote Panel
  • Professional Aesthetic Appearance
  • D-RLC10K Remote Level Control1
  • Resistance0 to 10 kΩ, linear
  • Ambient Operating Environment-10° C to 55° C
  • MountingMounts in US electrical box or RDL< international wall boxes WB-1U, WB-2U; decorative plate available separately
  • Package Dimensions3.625 x 4.625 x 2.125 in.
  • Shipping Weight0.43 lbs.
  • WEEE weight0.295 lbs.

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