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Shure MX412 Microflex 12-Inch Gooseneck Microphone (Preamp)
Shure MX412 Microflex 12-Inch Gooseneck Microphone (Preamp)

Shure MX412 Microflex 12-Inch Gooseneck Microphone (Preamp)

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The right speech doesn’t just inform. It can excite and even transform those who hear it. So, we designed the MX412 to treat spoken audio with the detail and respect it deserves. Because clarity commands attention.

Designed for easy replacement and available in cardioid, supercardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns, the interchangeable cartridges offer wide frequency response and accurate sound reproduction for a broad variety of applications, such as houses of worship, courtrooms and conference centres. Plus, the condenser cartridges fit every model in the Microflex product line for enhanced convenience and consistent sound.

More about Shure's Microflex Gooseneck Microphones

Microflex Gooseneck microphones are available in four models with a variety of heights and mounting styles to choose from. One model includes a silent mute switch with LED indicator, a Shure Microflex exclusive. And every Microflex Gooseneck features high sensitivity and balanced, transformerless output for maximum immunity to electromagnetic hum and RF interference, even over long cable runs. Each Microflex Gooseneck microphone comes with a complete installation kit, including locking metal and foam ball windscreens, snap-in and shock-mount microphone stand adapters.

Shure MX412 (Preamp) Features

  • Gooseneck length: 12 inch (30.5 cm)
  • Interchangeable cartridges provide the right polar pattern for every application
  • Locking flange mount for permanently securing microphone to surfaces
  • Snap-fit foam windscreen
  • Shock mount provides over 20 dB isolation from surface vibration noise
  • Wide dynamic range and frequency response for accurate sound reproduction across the audio spectrum
  • Balanced, transformerless output for increased immunity to noise over long cable runs
  • New RF filtering
  • MX412 Microflex 12-Inch Gooseneck Microphone (Preamp)1
  • 65B8264 Flange1
  • 65B8265 Retainer1
  • 80A439 Isolation Ring1
  • RK412WS Snap-fit Foam Windscreen (1 furnished, 4 in replacement kit)1
  • A400SM Shock Mount1
  • 80A67 Hex Wrench #41
  • Frequency Response50 to 17,000 Hz
  • Output Impedance (at 1,000 Hz) Rated at 150 Ω (180 Ω actual)
  • Open Circuit Sensitivity (At 1 kHz, ref. 1 V per Pascal*)
    • Cardioid: –33.5 dBV (21.1 mV)
    • Supercardioid: –32.5 dBV (23.7 mV)
    • Omnidirectional: –28.0 dBV (39.8 mV)
    • * 1 Pascal=94 dB SPL
  • Maximum SPL (1kHz at 1% THD, 1 kΩ load)
    • Cardioid: 123.0 dB
    • Supercardioid: 122.0 dB
    • Omnidirectional: 117.5 dB
  • Equivalent Output Noise (A-weighted)
    • Cardioid: 29.0 dB SPL
    • Supercardioid: 28.0 dB SPL
    • Omnidirectional: 70.5 dB SPL
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (referenced at 94 dB SPL)
    • Cardioid: 65.0 dB
    • Supercardioid: 66.0 dB
    • Omnidirectional: 70.5 dB
  • Dynamic Range with 1 kΩ load94.0 dB
  • Common Mode Rejection45.0 dB minimum
  • Mute Switch Attenuation50.0 dB minimum
  • Preamplifier Output Clipping Level (1% THD) –6.0 dBV (0.5 V)
  • PolarityPositive sound pressure on diaphram produces positive voltage on pin 2 relative to pin 3 of XLR output connector.
  • Power Requirements11 to 52 Vdc phantom, 2.0 mA
  • Environmental Requirements
    • Operating Temperature Range: –18° to 57° C (0° to 135° F)
    • Relative Humidity: 0 to 95%
  • Weight0.81 kg (1.80 lbs.) net, 1.63 kg (3.62 lbs.) packaged
  • Cable Type
    • The attached custom cable contains a shielded audio pair and three unshielded conductors for logic control.
    • Overall diameter=0.6 mm (0.165 in.)
  • CertificationEligible to bear CE Marking. Conforms to European EMC Directive 89/336/EEC. Meets applicable tests and performance criteria in European Standard EN55103 (1996) parts 1 and 2, for residential (E1) and light industrial (E2) environments.

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Shure MX412 Microflex 12-Inch Gooseneck Microphone (Preamp)

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