QSC TouchMix-30 Rebate

Reward Yourself Rebate

The TouchMix-30 Pro rewards you every day with its seamless ability to work like you do – on stage or in the studio. Record. Rehearse. Perform. No single mixer does more for less. And now, the rewards of owning a TouchMix-30 Pro are ever greater with $200 back when you purchase your new TouchMix-30 Pro.

Offer is valid in the USA and Canada, excluding Quebec, between October 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019.

Audio Technica 600 MHz Trade-In Rebate Program

How To Trade In Your 600 MHz System 
1. Verify that your trade-in system operates in the 600 MHz band. Your receiver and/or transmitter should include a sticker (view example) with the frequency range. If any part of the listed frequency range falls within the 614 – 698 MHz range, your system will eventually be prohibited from operating and is eligible for trade in. 

List of common 600 MHz wireless systems from Audio-Technica and other manufacturers that are eligible for trade-in. 

2. Purchase an eligible Audio-Technica wireless system from an authorized Audio-Technica dealer in the U.S. and its territories between 8/15/2017 and 3/31/2019. 

Sennheiser Wireless Instant Rebate Day

Trade in your old wireless gear March 28, 10am - 4pm at our in store rebate!